Key West weather has been so good for seven months. I fear we are going to pay for it. Perhaps in the form of a hurricane in the near future.

I am like that character in Little Abner. The little guy who always walked around with a black cloud over his head. I fear for the worst all the time.

The Sunday talk shows were interesting. Dwelled on the debt ceiling problem. Glad it is close to coming to an end. I am sick of it.

I think every one in Washington is crazy. They do not get it. Do not understand what is important to the American people. Do not realize how foolish they look to the American public. My President fails to lead, the Democrats want to protect entitlements, the Republicans the rich. It appears to me the Republicans and newly elected Tea Party conservatives won. No increase in taxes for the rich!

Revolution is here. The last two national elections were revolutions. The 2012 election is going to be a big one!

I walked yesterday. Home Depot again. Just like going to Publix. I ran into a lot of people I know. From Home Depot staff to customers. All friends.

Made a stop at Walgreen’s. Another heart pill. I could open my own drug store!

Lisa and the family came over in the afternoon to swim.

Ally has been diving. Rather trying to. Yesterday was her first success. She did a series of perfect dives. We encouraged her by yelling how great she was doing. All of a sudden she reverted. Back to belly flops. Oh, well. She is getting there, however.

I was in the kitchen on the computer. All of a sudden I heard everyone screaming. I rushed outside.

There was a snake in the pool!

About two feet long. Thin. Curling around in the water.

Corey was the hero. He took a snorkeling fin and scooped it out.

I would have thrown the snake in the ocean. Corey instead threw it into the small brush around one of the palm trees on the deck. I was disturbed. You should have thrown it in the ocean and hopefully killed it. Corey said, no. Animals are not to be killed just because we fear them. Spoken like a true scientist.

Of course, I did not agree with him. Some day or night I am going to be sitting on the deck barefoot and that thing is going to slither over my feet. A real heart attack time!

Sunday dinner at Lisa’s.

Robert talking up a storm about his trip.

He went to Applebee’s! Not big in and of itself. But you have to understand that Key West does not have an Applebee’s. This was a big deal for Robert. He ordered mozzarella sticks. I don’t think he ever had them before.

I told Robert we had to visit Disney World. He could meet Mickey Mouse. Apparently Mickey Mouse is no big deal to the kids of today. Robert knew of him, but was not that familiar with him. I was shattered! Mickey Mouse was the friend of my youth. Some 70 years ago. Each time I have been to Disney World, I got excited seeing him. Robert reeled out about a dozen names of TV/movie fame youth heroes comparable to Mickey Mouse. He saw all of them at Universal Studios. The Mickey Mouses of today. I knew none of them.

Cameron was with us. He just returned from a month in Mongolia. What an experience! Especially for a 16 year old.

It would be impossible to relate in one blog all he did. So I will share his adventure with you as and when he describes an activity.

Yesterday, he told us that he helped paint a school, spent a day cleaning a Buddhist monastery. He described gers, a round tent Mongolians live in. It is easily collapsable. The people are nomadic and move about frequently.

Cameron herded animals of the family he was staying with. Sometimes on foot and sometimes on a horse. He had rarely rode a horse prior to this trip. He said it was no problem. The horses were trained to herd the animals. They knew what to do and where to go. He just rode.

He helped milk cows. He did not do the pulling and yanking. He had some other duty in the process which I could not understand.

He visited one of the Mongolian cities. He attended a Nomadic Olympics, which he described as cool. Daytime in the city was exciting and interesting. Night time another story. Dark and scarry. Pick pockets abounded. One of his group had his pocket picked.

So much of Cameron for today!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Snakes in the pool! Yikes.

    Better buy some snake repellent on your next visit to Home Depot.(-:

    An ole pal now a San Diego BeachBum

  2. One word — mothballs. Snakes will not linger where mothballs reside. Just a very few in and around the shrubs — or wherever you fear the snake will hide — should keep Corey's reptile friend at bay. You can probably purchase a box at the Home Depot during your next walk around the store.

  3. Snakes, why worry about snakes.. I like snakes, after all, snakes are people too.. And, they taste like chicken.. Patrick

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