A glorious Sunday morning!

Fantastic Key West weather. It has been like this since December. Lucky we are.

Yesterday I intended to walk Smathers Beach. I got there and parked the car. It was about 11 in the morning. Not many people around. As soon as I got out of the car, I understood why. HOT!

Too hot!

I got back into the car and drove over to Home Depot. In the past when it has been this hot, I walk inside Home Depot. It is air conditioned. Cool.

I walked twice around the store. Up and down each aisle. Usually I walk briskly. Yesterday I did not. My physical problems of the past week were still of concern to me. Just walked normally. Forty minutes.

Afterwards ran some errands and then home.

Lisa and the family showed up. They were returning from Miami. Robert’s week at the cancer survivors camp had concluded. They picked him up.

Robert was excited. He told me about everything. It just rolled out of him.

It seems the thing that thrilled him the most was Universal Studios. The rides. Apparently there is a roller coaster at Universal Studios. He rode it four times! You had to hear him describe how it went up slowly and then dropped down fast. There also was some ride that went so fast it pushed his lips back tight against his teeth and face.

The Harry Potter exhibit was next in order of importance.

Swimming with the dolphins was high on his list, also. They returned to the upper keys to do the dolphin thing. He described how he held onto the fins of two dolphins at one time and how swiftly they carried him over the water. He also kissed a dolphin.

I am looking forward to dinner tonight at Lisa’s. Cameron just returned from Mongolia. Robert from his trip. The dinner conversation will be interesting and illuminating.

My blood pressure yesterday was 121/71. Down from 156/117 seventy two hours earlier. Amazing!

I am a political junkie. What is going on in Washington is an eye opener. Are our elected representatives doing us any good? Government seems to be dysfunctional. Amounting almost to no governance.

It scares the hell out of me! And most of you also, I am sure!

My concerns are with our “leaders.” The term includes all of them. The President, Senators and House of Representative members.

The scenerio reminds me of Nero and Rome. You will recall that it is alleged Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Some historians believe that Nero started the fire for political reasons. He wanted to build a huge palatial complex in his honor. A significant number of senators were against it. So he burned Rome. Now there was no choice. Rome had to be rebuilt and Nero got his palatial complex.

Self interest. Just as in Washington today.

Nero considered himself to be smart. To be sure that he would not be blamed for the fire, Nero effectively threw blame on the Christians. He had them thrown to the dogs, crucified and burned. The burning was at night to illuminate Rome.

Our being fed to the dogs, crucifixions and burnings will be poverty. Pure and simple. Life as we knew it will gradually disappear till it is gone. There will be a small elite class of the rich and everyone else.

Concededly it will take time. But we are making progress. Sometimes I fear too swiftly.

Something must be done. Before it is too late. First and foremost, throw the bums out who presently claim to be serving our interests. Then term limits. And any other safeguards that can be arrived at.

My apologies for pontificating. However, this Washington situation is of increased concern to me.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Some excellent cogent points today Lou:

    "Our being fed to the dogs, crucifixions and burnings will be poverty. Pure and simple. Life as we knew it will gradually disappear till it is gone. There will be a small elite class of the rich and everyone else."

    Yes, we will become a true Banana Republic without the bananas. A recent employment report from the National Employment Law Project confirms that the high wage jobs are vanishing and being replaced with low wage non-skilled jobs on a national basis. Across the board, wages have actually dropped as inflation increases. This the inevitable result of competing in a global economy where labor in Asia will work for 1/5th of a typical American non or semi skilled worker.

    As for Nero, yes, the Emperors knew that Bread & Circuses placated the masses. With football starting again soon I am sure our circuses are well underway and the average Joe can still buy beer so I do not foresee any rebellion anytime soon. It will be more of the "slow boil" of the frog as the standard of living plummets slowly to the point that even affording a TV or having a place to watch the game in will start becoming unattainable for a lot of people.

  2. We are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but, we seem to agree about the countries troubles.. We all know that everything from anything political turns out to be a 'camel',but, in the past most 'camels' were somewhat functional.. Can't say that now.. Term limits would be nice as well as a balanced budget amendment.. I think it was Warren Buffett that suggested any time they went over-budget by 3% that none of them would be eligible for re-election.. I'd vote for that ! Patrick

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