My grandson Robert was born with cancer of the liver seven years ago.

A tragedy.

He had two major surgeries. One on the third day of his life and the other on the eighth. The cancerous tumor was larger than his liver itself.

He is well today and has been ever since the second surgery. He is a normal boy. Thank God.

The surgeries and recovery were at Miami Children’s Hospital. A fantastic place. He has had the same doctor attending him from day one. Dr. Athena Peskorou. Robert still sees her. His present schedule requires him to be examined by her two times a year till he is eighteen.

Six weeks ago, Dr. Peskorou telephoned Lisa. She and Miami Children’s Hospital wanted Robert to attend a one week camp for cancer surviors. There would be thirty four children. Ages 7 to 16. All saved by her and Miami Children’s Hospital. A sort of celebration of life. As Dr. Peskorou related to Lisa, we lose more than we save. We want to do some fun things with and for those who made it.

Robert is on this trip at this very moment. It is a saturday to saturday thing that started last saturday.

They will be moving around during the week. Some events scheduled for the thirty four include Cirque du Soleil, Orlando, the Blue Man Group, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, NBA City, a bayside cruise, an animal show, bowling, swimming with the dolphins and a campfire with singing and marshmellows.

Not bad! Though the ticket for admission initially included a deadly event.

I await Robert’s return. Besides missing him, I want to hear from his own lips what he experienced.

Lisa is a wreck. Robert has never been away from her.

Going to be a big week news wise. Cameron returns friday from his month long trip to Mongolia.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I'm in tears wow cancer of the liver, Thank God he is doing well and many blessings to him that he continues to do well. I can understand Lisa being a wreck I would be too. I'm in awe over this story, God Bless all of you.

  2. Louis I think it's wonderful how your daughter Lisa cares for her children. She seems to be such a great Mom. Your daughter Lori on the other hand treats her son like a suitcase. She'll never know the emotional fulfillment of motherhood.

    God Bless, BE WELL.

  3. Some women are more maternal than others, even when they are sisters. I'm sure that, even though Lori and Lisa may be very different types of mothers, Key West Lou loves them both, and I'm sure durogatory comments about any of his children are hurtful. Lisa does appear to be a great mom, based on KWLou's accounts of his family in KW. That Robert is a young cancer survivor with loving and involved parents like Lisa and and his dad and a charming, intelligent little sister is a living testament to the power of familial love and blessings. God bless all of the Petrones and cheers to a long and healthy life for Robert! I hope he's having a great time!

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