Another beautiful Key West morning. The sun has awakened and everything is golden.

My Sunday was not as anticipated. I went no where. Stayed home all day.

I have a new table and umbrella right next to the pool. I sat there all day researching and writing. A dip in the pool every now and then to cool off. The only inconvenience was I had to change seats occasionally to avoid the direct impact of the sun.

Lisa, Corey and Ally came over for a while to swim. Robert was some where else. I continue to be impressed with Alley’s prowess in the water.

Recall Key West Lou tee shirts? I came in contact this past week with two people who purchased them. They had purchased the tee shirts more than a year ago.

One was Tom Dixon from Buffalo. He wears his to the pool at home and here in Key West. The other was from some woman in a small town in central New York who advised via email she bought a larger than needed one and wears it to bed.

Tee shirts are available on Lisa’s internet department store site.

My home town of Utica, NY has a reputation for fine Italian food. A reputation well deserved! The Italian people came over in the early 1900s primarily. Their descendants grew. Italian restaurants were one of the results of the immigration and expanding families.

Some one commented recently that she was from my area originally also. She said she was half Italian and that the Italian food here left much to be desired.

Let me share Louis’ thoughts on the issue.

The woman is basically correct. The finest Italian restaurant in Key West is La Trattoria, which I frequnet often. There is another. Antonia’s, which I do not frequent at all for personal reasons. Occasionally, Harpoon Harrys will have a macaroni and meat ball item on its special menu. I will order it. Good!

That is it as to quality and semi-quality Italian food in Key West. Any other purported/claimed Italian restaurant is not worthy of mention.

The reason there is not better or more is simple. There is no demand for pasta dishes in Key West. The market for Italian food does not exist. The demand is for fish first and then steak. Vacationers apparently can get enough pasta back home.

I have an appointment this morning to visit my internest. The one that was all over me two weeks ago for doing all kinds of things inconsistent with a healthy life style.

I have been better. Hopefully, she will not berate me. I  am on a diet. Have lost five pounds. Have not had a drink. For diet purposes only. I intend to return after the diet is concluded. Have cut my smoking back considerably.

My two failures are the smoking and exercise. I rejoined the gym, but have only gone on one occasion.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I was wondering do you feel anything about what is going on back home? Does this tear you up it should after all the hard work you put into your law practice how sad for your kids to come in and destroy it all. I know they didn't learn this from you.. I guess John is trying to live the life you had but can't.. Very , very sad for the whole Petrone Family.

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