Key West weather continues to be spectacular! The only negative is a little too much humidity by day.

The town is full of tourists. Amazing for this time of year. Hotels/motels full and restaurant/bar business booming.

I mentioned the Hemingway Look Alike contest the other day. I was in error regarding the number of Hemingway look a likes. I thought about 20. Actually there were 120.

My big excitement yesterday morning was a haircut with Lori. Always a pleasure.

My hair is different. It is now one step up from totally bald. It also is fifty percent cheaper to cut. Lori takes the clipper and goes zoom around my head and is done.

Last night was a pleasure. My friends Don and Chris are in for a week of rest and fun. From the Syracuse area, they visit several times a year. Key West is their favorite place. Obviously so. They are almost Chart Room regulars. They sit there for hours most evenings.

We met by prearrangement. Don was tired. He had just returned from China Friday or Saturday night. Flew to Key West Monday. He said the travel and time changes screw him up a bit. Chris was lovely. As always. She recently lost close to 20 pounds. It was obvious. I mentioned to her almost immediately she looked thinner. I don’t know why she dieted. She looked terrific with the 20 pounds on, also.

I know, thin is good!

They both work for the same company. In marketing and sales.

Don’s sales job is unique. He sells to the Chinese, rather than the Chinese selling to us. China has been his territory for long time. I enjoy listening to his background stories regarding China and its ways.

There should be more Dons. We need to sell to China more. Besides being our banker, the Chinese kill us with their cheaply manufactured goods with which they flood our American markets.

Chris is a world traveler for her company also. China on occasion. India more.

Today is golf day. No golf for me. I have a stress test scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning. Golf tires me out. I want to be totally rested for the test. At my age, I have a fear of failing when I take one.

Ally misses her brother Robert.

Enjoy your day!

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