I did Hemingway Days yesterday.

Duval was lined with  white tents and booths. Food, jewelry, paintings, wood cuts and what have you. And water! The water tent had to be the biggest seller. It was hot. Ninety two degrees anywhere else in Key West. With the mass of humanity on Duval, the body heat increased the overall temperature to at least 120 degrees.

Not healthy for the lame of heart such as me.

I walked from the gulf to the La Concha Hotel. The length of the street festival. Ran into an old friend. Dottie. She and her husband Lou now live in Burcia, Mexico. They had returned to sell their wares. At a street stand. Offering Mexican silver jewelry. I did not recognize Dottie at first. Only because she is more attractive than last I saw her about three years ago. Short cropped hair and a deep tan. Very becoming.

I found the Hemingway look a likes on the side street next to Sloppy Joe’s. About twenty of them. Dressed in long sleeve white shirts and long pants. A red cap and a red clothe wrapped around their waists.

The bulls were there, also. Several of them. Ominous appearing. Large leather bulls. Horns and all. On wheels. Intimidating.

The bulls were in an enclosed/roped off area. Parents and children were all around the Hemingways and bulls. The little ones were permitted to sit on the bulls for picture taking. A beautiful sight! The colorful Hemingways, the little kids, and the bulls.

The heat was too much for me. I did not wait to see the parade. Looked for Sheila. No Sheila. She probably arrived later.

As I was walking to my car, I came upon Patti Cakes, aka Patrick Hayes, and his visiting sister, Helen. We chatted a bit. Patrick asked if I was returning for the second parade of the afternoon. It was scheduled for 3 PM. The bull dyke parade. He was going to be in it.

I screwed up regarding Donna and Terri in yesterday’s blog,

They are getting married tomorrow night. On the stage of the St. James Theatre in New York City.

First to answer the why since they already became legally married in Connecticut last year.

Same sex marriage is not legally recognized  in all fifty states. Only in six thus far. New York   being the most recent.

Until today, Donna and Terri were not recognized as married by New York State. As explained, recognition is a state by state thing. A Supreme Court decision is needed to make it nationally recognized. Or, the balance of the states must each pass laws recognizing the union.

So…..Donna and Terri were legally married in Connecticut. But not in New York! It made a big difference. One being health insurance. Terri receives excellent coverage through Actor’s Equity. Donna receives nothing. Because they legally reside in New York State and up till today, same sex marriage was not recognized in New York. No full faith and credit.

A revival of the musical Hair is playing on Broadway. Hair inviolves love. Everyone loving everyone. The hippie days. At the end of Hair, the orchestra plays Let the Sun Shine In. The audience is invited to join the cast on stage to participate in the dancing.

Prior to the dancing tomorrow night, three couples will be married on stage. Three same sex couples. One couple is Donna and Terri. A way of solving the insurance problem and several others.

I think they just like getting married!

I spoke to them both yesterday. They are over the hill excited!

Interestingly, the stage of the St. James Theatre is the same stage Terri starred on for Finian’s Rainbow. Her magnificent come back performance which returned her to stardom. And an income. Recall  that a year before Finian’s Rainbow, Terri was a homeless person sleeping on a park bench in New York City for three months.

It is Sunday! A favorite. Meet the Press shortly. Tonight the Gardens. And I don’t know what in between.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Perhaps, we might throw some scorn on the politicians that has created the situation where "benefits" are tied to "employment"?

    "Life insurance", "car", "homeowners", and … yes … even "pet insurance" is relatively cheap and easily available. But it's only "health", that's all screwed up by the politicians and bureaucrats.

    And, Obamacare is only going to make it worse.

    This is a hot button with me.

    I've ranted on ReinkeFacesLife about how the Gooferment involvement in doctoring, drugs, Rxes, hospitals, Medicare, Medicaid, "Social Security" has made a total mess of it.

    I remember in the Fifties, my Mom paying $150 bucks for my three day hospital stay for appendix. The care was "excellent" or so I was told. I liked it they gave me ice cream; my Mom had me on a diet even then. She took all the bills, marked paid, and sent them to Blue Shield, and a few weeks later got a check for 112.25. She then took their letter about a double billed item to the hospital back to the hospital and got another 6 bucks back. We need that system back again.

    Instead of what we got.

    Hope I've given you an idea about the Gooferment's "health" insurance.


  2. Lou – your kids made the paper in Utica today. I can't believe what they're doing! I know well how you provided for your family. How could they find it within themselves to do this to you! How can they bilk the taxpayers of oneida county and not even pay their own taxes?

    This isn't how you worked or lived when you were in NY.

    Sorry to make mention of this here but I just thought you ought to know.

  3. loise, your kids are really getting talked about badly back home, what are they thinking ? You have to be heartbroken because you were an excellent attorney and had a wonderful law practice and you were always very honest. You had a wonderful reputation back home . My heart goes out to you how your own children have smeared your name. So sorry,

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