I am up early. Black as coal outside. How many of you remember coal?

Probably will be another humid Key West day. Not bad, but enough to make you complain a bit. We need rain and a lot of it!

Yesterday’s internet show was fun for me. The topic that evoked the greatest response had to do with the Washingtom scene and the debt ceiling debacle. The most responses I have ever received. Interestingly, all but one were critical of the Republican position.

After the show, I hurried to Lisa’s. Had to use her computer. Mine on the blink again. To those of you who say get a new computer. I did. About a month ago.  When the computer is down, the screen says it is a connector problem. I stopped at Verizon and had it corrected again. Verizon does not know why this is happening. Frustrating.

Kankakee Cheryl wrote. She said she had the same problem with Verizon. So there! It is not me!

I had an interesting and stimulating lunch yesterday.

My MTV neighbor Andrew had invited me to join a group who meet every friday at Salute’s for lunch. It is basically a discussion group. Talk about international, national and local happenings. Plus the rules are that at least one topic must be a sports one.

A small group. Eight to ten. Includes a banker, a restaurant owner,  a retired professionsal gambler turned author,  a politician, and a software developer, amongst others.

We lunched one hour. The most stimulating hour I have spent in a long time.

These guys know how to live. After a great lunch of some fish or other, a large slice of key lime pie was ordered. Just one. With the appropriate number of forks. I passed. I did not cheat even one fork full.

Salute’s will be my new place for lunch on fridays.

Dinner last night was a treat. I was Jenna’s guest for dinner. For my birthday which was July 6. I was unable to chew at the time, so we held off till now.

We went to The Strip House at the Reach. Steak! Fantastic!

So was the bill! I felt sorry when it came time to pay. A 25 year old female buying dinner for a 76 year old gentleman. I did not fight for the bill. Jenna was excited to celebrate my birthday with me. This was her treat. Not for me to spoil.

Same sex marriage is legal in New York. First marriages under the new law will be performed tomorrow. Sunday. News reports indicate 823 couples are scheduled to be married.

Donna and Terri  emailed me yesterday. They are already legally married. Did the deed in Milford, Connecticut, a little more than a year ago. Just like in the old movies. They snuck off to Connecticut to tie the knot. I recall their telling me at the time that they just tsopped in front of a home with a Justice of the Peace-Marriage sign on the front lawn. Turned out the Justice was an 80 year old woman. Perfect for a same sex marriage joining two females.

Now Donna and Terri are renewing their vows. They enjoyed doing it the first time and wish to repeat the experience. I am not sure whether they are remarrying sunday or monday. I deleted their emails. I thought they said monday night.

Whatever. It is going to occur. Donna said they will be part of 200 couples marrying on the stage of the St. James Theatre following the performance of Hair.

Hair is back again? I remember seeing it on Broadway soon after it opened. A lot of years ago. My policeman friend Bob Mazza and I.

Big day today! One of the Hemingway Days. The Hemingway look alike contest is still ongoing. Today is the run with the bulls event. Except, Key West bulls chase no one. The Hemingway look alikes will parade down Duval with the make believe bulls on wheels.

A street festival is part of the day. Duval will be crowded. Every one having a good time.

These Hemingway look alike contestants all look like Hemingway. Each one. White beard and all.

I have been told no one wins on the first try. It takes several years of repeat visits/particpation to make it.

The look alikes in the parade will be dressed as Hemingway when he participated in the bull run in Spain. White shirt and trousers. A red cap. A red cloth wrap around at the waist.

I plan on attending the parade and walking Duval a bit.

Sun up. Gray outside. A scattering of black clouds. Will probably rain a bit this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I am making a break for it again today! Hope to see you near Sloppy's later. My handlers will be pushing me around in my chariot. XS

  2. I'm wondering whether you'll be discussing Obama's plan to honor Jane Fonda as one of the country's top 100 women on your radio show.. Patrick

  3. Just read your blogs for the entire week and noted you mentioned the feast at St Mary Mount Carmel. I was there,food was great pizza fritta especialy. This is just one of the little things that make Utica bareable.

  4. May I suggest that you get a gmail account? Then you never have to delete an email again. You can even continue to use your current account.

    I don't know your specific email provider, but it's usually trivial to setup. For example, I have a GMAIL account copied on every email coming into a certain business account. (Never want to miss a order!) So I can nuke the email from my working email account, and have the GMAIL account as an eternal archive if I need to go back.

    Yell, if you need help setting it up.

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