My computer is down again. A connector problem. I will be visiting Verizon this afternoon.

I am at Lisa’s. Just finished my internet show.

The show went well. There is so much to talk about. That may be one of our problems. Peope in national and state governments talk too much! They should work more and talk less.

What issue, if any, was most enjoyed? Too early to tell. I will know by tomorrow .

Jenna came into the booth during one of the advertising breaks. She liked my glasses. I told her they were no different. They were. I had worn my sun glasses into the studio. Finished the show with them on. For those of you who watched, I did not wear them intentionally.

Dentist yesterday morning. About 2 hours. We are gettuing close to finishing. No more cutting or pain.

Dinner last night with Lisa and the family. Chinese take out. They left on a family trip this mornimg. Will return later in the weekend.

Robert and Ally were so excited they were going on a trip. Ally especially.

I have been dieting two days thus far. Good for three pounds. Seven to go.

The gym is there. I am still a member. However…..I have not returned since the first day. It is difficult to get back into the habit.

Enjoy youir day!

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