Better late than never. Sorry.

I saw a wonder today.

The real estate market in Key West is as most in the United States. Down. Homes cheap. A huge number of foreclosures. Except for a school building, there is little if any new construction. Those contractors still in business appear to be living off repair work.

I live in a high rent district. Mostly walled homes. Most on water.

Two doors from me was a large two story home directly facing on the ocean. It was walled and heavily brushed. Never was able to see the building clearly.

It was there two days ago. Today, it is not. In less than two days, the building has been knocked down. I am assuming someone purchased the property at a good price and intends to rebuild. A wow! People did this 5 and 10 years ago and more. Not at all in recent years. No money!

Well someone is doing it now! And I am pleased. It is a good sign.

Yesterday was golf.

I played with Larry and Aaron. Aaron had a hangover. Big time. He was moaning and groaning before we even teed off. He played terrific golf!

Larry eeked by Aaron to be the big money winner. I was the big loser. $15.

The humidity is heavy this time of year. I was ok on the golf course. However when I arrived home, it hit me. I went to bed and took a nap.

Last night was big at the Chart Room.

Tom Dixon is in from Buffalo. Met his charming wife Fran for the first time. And she is charming. I am not saying it just to be nice.

It was Sheila’s get out of jail time. She has been confined to home for three weeks. Still recovering from a bad fracture to one of her legs. Took cadaver and a plate to fix the leg.

Everyone turned out to greet Sheila. Jean, David, Stephanie, Sean, Katherine, Myra and others. Emily bartending.

As I was driving home, I decided I was hungry. Stopped at Outbacks for a salad and steak. It was day one of my diet to lose 10 pounds. I did not drink yesterday nor have I had a drink today. A good boy am I!

But I am not getting to the gym!

This morning the dentist. A no pain visit. As you can see, I am into chewing once more. The steak last night. We did fittings  this morning. I am excited. I am into implants. The uppers look terrific. I was not pleased with the lowers. Too small. They are being redone.

For what implants cost, it’s alright to be fussy.

Tommorow The Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 in the morning. On the internet world wide.

Great show! Interesting! Topics include the nuts in Washington governing us, term limits, danger in bath salt, banks getting a free pass again, San Franciasco laying off forty per cent of its court work force and closing 25 court rooms, and more. Join me. I want to share my thoughts with you.

Hope you have enjoyed your day. Enjoy the evening ahead!

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