I have a new Facebook friend in the Orlando area. Her name is Joetta. She wrote me yesterday. Her opening words were “…..The sun is awake here.” How lovely! A phrase to be plagerized.

The sun is not awake this morning as yet in Key West. Why? Because I am up early. Pitch black outside.

In yesterday’s blog, I said it was going to rain. Although the weather was fantastic at the time. It did rain. At supper time. For about five minutes. Every little bit helps!

This morning it is raining as I write. Pouring big time. I am sitting at the kitchen counter. Sliding doors to my back. Open. Can hear and taste the morning shower outside.

We are desperate for rain. I am thrilled it is raining heavy at the moment.

I had another quiet day yesterday. Two in a row. Nothing wrong. Just never got out. These are the Mel Fisher Days in downtown Key West. The only event I made was the bikini contest thursday night.

Makes sense!

Actually, my mood dictates what I do. At this stage in life, I do what I want when I want. Nothing more, nothing less. Obligatory events exist no more for me.

So it was all day in for me once again yesterday.

I wrote all day. Sitting outside under the tiki hut. Sitting at a new umbrella table I located next to the pool. Sitting inside at the kitchen counter. The computer moves easily.

I am writing three books simultaneously. Don’t know if I ever will finish one. I enjoy writing, the proces. Best of all, I enjoy the revising, the framing of sentences, the selection of words. I am as anal with the writing as I was with my work as an attorney. Writing has become a new interest and excitement in the twilight of my years.

It was my intention to go out last night. I would have started as usual with the Chart Room and let my night develop from there. It was not to be. The grandkids showed up just as I was beginning to get ready for the evening.

The whole family. Lisa, Corey, Robert and Ally. To swim. Spent a couple of hours. It was fun. Especially Robert and Ally. Such joy! By the time they left, it was too late to go out. I hit the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. Probably the reason I am up this early.

A big weekend up north in Central New York from whence I came. Two major events.

Rome is 14 miles from my home town Utica. It is the site this weekend for the World Series of Bocce. One hundred twenty teams competing.

The event is 70 plus years old. Participants from the United States and Canada.

We should send our best team up there some summer to compete. It is hard for me to believe that any team can be better than Key West’s best!

Utica is the site this weekend for an Italian street festival. It was called for years the Feast of Saint Rosalie. The named has changed. It is now known as the St. Mary of Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament Festival. Probably a result of internal politics. I recall feast sponsors and particiapnts always fighting over one thing or another.

The festival is on Jay Street. I lived on Jay Street. Had two feasts, as we called them back then, available to me. This one which was a couple blocks from my home. And the Feast of Saints Cosmo and Damien which was right in front of my house. A real big deal!

Food and bands. Today’s big food seller is pizza fritta. Fried dough rolled in sugar. Good! No, great! I always preferred mine without the sugar. The oily taste was more to my liking.

Today is Sunday. I have promised myself to get up and out early. Two days home is enough.

I have no idea what the day holds for me. Whatever, it will be good!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Ah yes, the feasts. I came from that area as well, have lived here over a year now. I'm half Italian and I can't bite the bullet yet on eating Italian food here. When I visit central NY, I come home with Dino's sausage and make my own sauce.

  2. We left Key West yesterday just as the rain began; it fit my mood nicely. This past weekend was our fourth visit and It's always so hard to leave. My husband and I hope to pack up the kids and move down there in about 5 years if all goes well.

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