A lovely Saturday morning in Key West!

Cloudwise, only a small smathering of tiny black ones.

The wind is blowing in from the south. That generally  means rain at some point during the day. We shall see.

Yesterday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour was one of my best. It is the subjecrt matter. Politics in Washington, screwed up Judges and a bit of La Nada. Comments reacting to the show were more detailed than normal. I believe it was because of the subect matter.

Tom from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, emailed me a detailed comment .I have known Tom and his wife Cindy for two years. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum politically. He a conservative, I a liberal. Tom’s email was all over the place. He covered many of the ills in our society. Turns out we agree on many items. More than we disagree on. The key point is we could agree on certain items. Something that our elected officials in Washington seem incapable of doing.

After the show, I had lunch with Lisa at her home. Then off to Lee Nails for a manicure with Tammy. Love Tammy!

I was tired for some reason. Even Tammy noticed. So it was home after my visit with her. And to bed.

Stepanie’s fashion show was on KONK at 3. Jean Thornton and another were guesting. Jean told me to be sure to watch. I tried. I could see but not get any voice. Stephanie and I spoke via telephone after the show. She asked if I enjoyed the comments they made about me. Apparently I was in good stead with them. Sadly, I did not because I could not get voice reception.

 I only hear the bad. Never the good. The story of my life.

I cooked dinner for myself. I am not very good at it. Domesticity is not one of my virtues.

I had low carb pasta and sausage. I try to eat low carb.

One of my problems in self cooking is getting everything to come out ready for eating at one time. It never works. I end up eating different portions of my meal at different times. Never together.

Last night I was successful! Pasta and sauage done at the same time!

One problem, however. I stunk up the house with the smell of the sausage. When I came downstairs this morning, the whole bottom of my house reeked of sausage oil.

I looked under the kitchen sink. Found an odor thing called Febreze. Sprayed the whole downstairs. Did the job! However, I could not breathe. Had to go outside for a half hour. I feared I would die from over consumption of the stuff.

I need a woman!

Enjoy your day!

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