An absolutely gorgeous morning! Typical Key West!

No breeze. None at all. Sun bright on the yellow/pink MTV house across the way. Ed Swift of trolley car fame’s home next door. The light green a muted lime. The palm trees mutli colored shades of green.

Ho ho! A good day in the making.

My day yesterday started with the dentist. Two hours in the chair. Not bad, though. No pain.

I have been at this seven months now. The end is in sight. Thank God! It has not been easy. Yesterday was a lot of machinery and fitting. It is amazing how far dentistry has come since I was a young kid.

I had to hurry home after the dentist. Jenna and I needed to fine tune today’s internet show. We spent an hour and were able to do it by phone. The wonders of the internet and modern communication!

Last night the bikini contest at Schooner’s Wharf. A benefit for the Mel Fisher youth diving program.

I went because of Stephanie Kaple. Otherwise known as the Island Shoe Girl. Stephanie was a contestant.

It had to be embarassing for the ladies to get up before 300 people, scantly clad and shake their behinds for the audience. Walking on a beach in a bikini and intentionally showing it off to a huge crowd cannot be the same.

After thier performances, the ladies were walking through the crowd with open bags seeking contributions.

How embarassing! If you will excuse the vernacular, it took balls to participate!

Stephanie looked good. I discovered for the first time she has two lovely tatoos on her lower back just above the butt line. Cool!

I could not handle the whole scene! Too many people. Too hot for me. Temperature wise that is. I was sweating. Everyone sweating. Too many people in a confined place.

I arrived just as Stephanie was getting on stage to do her thing. I watched. Then found Jean Thornton. Gave my check to her for Stehpanie. Gave her a kiss, also. I love Jean! Found Stephanie. A hug and kiss and good luck wishes.

I think Stephanie was embarassed. It was for agood cause, however.

I left. I could not handle the scene and heat. I probably spent all of ten minutes there.

Then to the Chart Room. Comfortable. Air conditioned.

Emily bartending. Myra enjoying a drink.

Both are independent opinionated women. No bullshit types. I enjoyed our conversation which covered a wide range of topics.

Sean and Katherine showed up. Love them both! We discussed their wedding plans. Sean and I spent quite a while discussing art. I was unawre he was into the art world. He reminded me of me when I was his age and starting to acquire pieces.

I only had one drink last night. None would have been better. The night before I had no drinks. I am trying to be better. My goal is to get back on the road to good health. I always do. But…..I always fall off!

In a couple of hours, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me as I beat up some pompous elected figures. From our elected officials in Washington to the female Judge in Broward County who was taking pictures of a man urinating in the the men’s room in the courthouse.

Where has sensibility gone?

I just received a text from a friend Rita. She lives in South Africa. A loyal fan/friend. She wrote…..”Hope u r well? We will listen to yr show today. I am in Cape Town for a week visit. Rita. xx.”

Anna from Milan wrote yesterday that she was in the Greek Isles for the month living on a small boat. She had arranged to be on shore with her friends this morning to watch the show also.

It is amazing!

Enjoy your day!

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