It is 10:30 in the morning. Sorry to be late. My TV connection screwed up again.

I am at Lisa’s doing this blog.

Golf started well yesterday. The first six hokles I was right on. Playing well. Then I started to lose it. I became extremely tired. Lost my swing. Had difficult driving beyond the ladies’ tee.

I was exhausted!

At the end of the 11th hole, I called it quits. Had Kurt drive me in.

Kurt, Larry and Aaron were concerned. I was too tired to be concerned. However, I knew something was wrong.

By the time I got home, I had it firgured out. I was dehydrated! Big time! A couple of huge glasses of water and I was on my way to recovery.

I take a physician prescribed diuretic. A water pill. Not daily. Only when I think I need it. I had not taken one in two months before yesterday. My ankles were swollen the evening before. The sure sign of a fluid problem. So around 4 in the morning I woke and took a water pill. By 8, the water pill had done its job.

 I left to play golf. The humidity was heavy. I was sweating big time before I even teed off. Petra, the cart girl, was late. I was not consuming water early enough on the golf course. Dehydration set in. I did not realize the nature of the problem. I was stupid to take a water pill on the same morning I was to play golf in hot humid weather.

Never again!

I quit after 11 holes. Went home.

Three large glasses of water corrected the problem.

As a further caution, I spent the balance of the day and evening at home.

I had lamb chops for dinner. Four small ones. I have not had lamb chops in six months because of my jaw work. They were sooooo good! The ability to chew is not appreciated until one cannot.

Tonight is the annual Mel Fisher Bikini Contest. Its purpose is to raise money for childen’s dive programs.

The place to see the lovelies is Schooner’s Wharf  from 7-10 tonight.

I will be there. Not necessarily because I enjoy viewing the female body scantly clad, but because Stephanie Kaple is participating. I will be there in support of Stephanie.

Sheila and Jean having been working on Stephanie’s body and suit. Sort of trainers. The bikini is white. Stephanie has been starving herself for a couple of weeks in further preparation. The word from Coaches Sheila and Jean is that Stephanie is ready!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning at 10. A ton of issues/events to discuss.

One involves the crazies in Washington who forgot how to govern. The other our judges. Two weeks ago I commented how judges are people ansd screw up. I mentioned the two Pennsylvania Family Court judges who sent an abnormal number of children to a jail/detention center after their county privatized the detention centers. The judges were on the take. From the private company operating the detention center. A certain amount of money for each committment.

The two judges are now serving time themselves. And properly so.

Now comes Florida’s Broward County. A 47 year old female judge went into the public men’s room in the courthouse. A male was at the urinal relieving himself. She started taking pictures of him urinating. He yelled. She ran. Sheriff’s deputies later arrested her. The judge said they could not. It was a public place. However the judge bit the finger of one of the deputies while the discussion was taking place and the Sheriff’s deputies arrested her for biting the finger. But not for taking pictures in the men’s room of a guy doing his business.

I have a lot to say about the previous issue. Why? Because the judge may be correct that she committed no crime when taking the pictures. If so, beware my lady friends. You will be fair game for men entering what was previosly your private domain. The ladies rest room. And having pictures of you taken while you piddle.

I am off to the dentist.

Enjoy your day!

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