I was wrong about the helicopters yesterday. They were not part of a US Navy Seals training program. They were out spraying mosquitos.

The lower keys have a mosquito problem. It would be a bad one if not for the Mosquito Control Board. An elected group, its responsibilty is to eradicate and/or keep the mosquito population down. Besides spraying periodically by air, they have trucks driving around in the middle of the night spraying. In addition, surprise visits are permitted on one’s property by Board’s employees. They search for pools of water where mosquitos tend to breed. If any are discovered, the property dweller is required to correct the problem.

The Mosquito Control Board does an excellent job. Rarely would you know there are mosquitos in the lower keys.

A couple of years ago, I was at Boondocks up in big Pine on a Saturday evening for dinner. Boondocks is an open outside bar. You could cut the mosquito population with a knife! I did not know about the problem. Had I, I would not have gone. The locals in the area all had cans of mosquito spray. They were periodically spraying themselves while eating. Fortunately, they were kind enough to let me use their spray. The Mosquito Control Board did not operate that far north at the time.

This past year there was a news release from somewhere that Key West had a dengue fever problem. We had no problem. The news article was in error and corrected in due course. Dengue fever would definitely be a problem were it not for the Mosquito Control Board.

It was haircut time yesterday morning! Me and Lori. She’s a chaming person. I enjoy my haircuts with her. It is almost a social event.

I had an early afrternoon visit with my internest, Dr. Jackie Leffterts. You will recall from yesterday’s blog, I thought/knew she would be upset with me.

She was.

It has only been two months since my last visit. I let things slide. Drinking and smoking, weight up, blood pressure up. She read me out like a drill sargent. I have to see her again in two weeks. She expects results!

Kurt and I went out last night.

We started at the Chart Room. He knew everyone. It was like a bartenders’ convention.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Nate, not my Nate, a new bartender there. He and Kurt old friends. John the Manager was genuinely thrilled to see Kurt, also. They are likewise old friends. At one point when Kurt left to visit the men’s room, they both told me what a great guy Kurt was and has always been.

There were a couple of very lovely young ladies at the bar. Heather and Alison. Both from Pensecola. They were staying at the Ocean Key House for a couple of days. Both are critical care/ICU nurses.

They were waiting at the bar for deserts to take to their room. Kurt and I immediately told them about Better Than Sex. A desert only restaurant on Petronia Street. I suspect they will be going there tonight.

We finished the evening on the deck at my home. I have been doing some repair/ maintenance work that had been let go for a while. Kurt wanted to see it. We sat by the water and chatted a while. It was a calm evening. Not even the water was moving.

Golf this morning!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I wondered about those choppers, Lou! The Bug Board helicopters have long wands extending out for spraying chemicals, while the military carry big guns, pretty impressive. None of them seem to have any music selections. 😉

  2. Lou –

    I'm sorry to see what is happening to your law office. I was at dinner last evening when a conversation started about the trouble that Lori and John have gotten themselves into.

    I'd rather not announce my name, rank and serial number here on your blog, I had the privilege of working with you in business for many years and I know this must be hurting you deeply.

    Yours was the one of the most recognized and respected firms in the upstate region. What is happening to your children is not unlike numerous other family businesses today. The entitled "kids" feel they are owed a soft and easy living, never knowing really what goes into building something prosperous THE RIGHT WAY.

    I was told last evening that your son John is claiming that the charges against he and his sister were really nothing to be worried about. Dare I say that if this occurred just a decade ago and the world was not so full of corruption, he would be seeing these issues for what they really are, a gross misconduct by an officer of the court who was entrusted to protect his clients, not steal from them!

    God Bless you Lou and I hope your life in key west is as happy as your blog illustrates!


  3. Lou, it is very sad how your children have destroyed your name and reputation,I know this has to be hurting you deeply. You had an awesome pratice one that you were very proud and you made it good. You did very well for your wife and children they had it all and more. Now people are bashing your family so bad it has to be so hurtful for you and of course your wife has to be pretty upset about this. This is exactly what they have been doing stealing from clients accts. and have no records of it. what a mess.

    Sorry for you in New Hartford

  4. Can you answer one question how can your family be hurting for money, How did this happen? You made tons of money for them how can they be broke and borrowing money from people not paying them back? Have you talked to them about this. Wow this is big you never know people won't trust John and Lori their practice is over all over. No wonder why your BP is high this is be very hard for you to digest that your children are capable of being dishonest with their own clients after you gave them a wonderful life with all the horns and whistles .

    Sad News,

  5. Is there really a need to publish comments here ref to Lou's 'former' life?
    Does 1 anon enjoy being the Town Crier so to speak? Sounds like someone is enjoying repeating the bad news.

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