I started the morning with a bang!

No, not that kind. Though I wish it was. It has been a long time!

As I opened the door to step out onto the deck to see how the morning was, a loud banging swoosh could be heard over head. It was a helicopter. Low flying. If I held up a broom handle, I could have touched it. Moving rapidly.

At first, I thought it might be from a Miami hospital on an emergency pick up at the Lower Keys Hospital. It was not. A second flew over. Both were zooming low all  over the place. Appreciate that in the keys, that means over water.

There is a US Naval Base a couple of miles up the road. Boca Chica. I suspect the helicopters might be involved with seal training. They periodically train in our waters. The helicopters drop them into the ocean.

I can place the noise in proper perspective. Twenty or thirty years ago, there was a movie called Apocalypse. Starred Martin Sheen, Robert Duval and Marlon Brando. Duval was the officer/leader of a helicopter squadron in or near Vietnam. He took his helicopters in over the ocean to attack an enemy village. Low and loud. At the same time he had hooked up to the planes glaring classical music which was played loudly as the attack commenced. It sounded like that in Key West this morning, except for the music.

Breakfast yesterday morning was at the Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town. One of Lisa’s accounts in her business The Social Suite. She is a marketing guru. A social media expert.

Good breakfast. Nice atmosphere. The restaurant filled primarily with hotel guests. Lisa took me for a walk around the property afterwards. Magnificent! Especially the pool area. The whole complex has its own flavor. A welcome addition to Key West.

Last night was big! I thought I had a triple ahead of me as I left home. Turned out to be a quadruple evening.

My first stop was the Gardens and Kate and Ron’s Pre-Committment Ceremony. Kate owns the Gardens. She is a spectaular business woman, a charming personality and lovely to boot!

The Gardens was packed with their friends.

I finally found out what a pre-committment ceremony is. A couple wants to marry, but are not sure it would work out. So they live together a while. Then if it works, the option is theirs to marry. The young kids just live together. Those a little older pre-committ.

It was new to me. But makes sense.

Kate was dressed as a bride. A light long flowing white dress. Bare shoulders. A short white veil. Ron was wearing what I call a Key West tuxedo. A peacock and greenry emblazed on the front of a tuxedo white shirt. No jacket. Rarely a jacket. Much too hot for one.

I love Kate. She is one of the best. I wish her and Ron well.

Though there was tons of food at the party, I opted just to drink. Afterwards, I headed over to La Trattoria for dinner. Remember, I can chew now!

It has been about six months since I have been to La Trattoria. Becha was upon me instantly with a huge hug and kiss. Kathy leaned over the bar and gave me healthy smack. Both wanted to know…..where have you been…..is everything ok?

I ate lasagna. Not difficult to chew. A month ago, no way! You have no idea how important and satisfying the mere act of chewing is…..till you cannot chew.

Then to Don’s Place. He is leaving for a one month vacation at his summer home somewhere up north today. I think, Minnesota, maybe Wisconsin. I am not sure. Wanted to say good bye. He was not there. Kurt was. Shooting pool. With a young lovely. Kurt shoots pool as well as he plays golf. Terrific.

Such constitutes three things I experienced and enjoyed last night. The fourth I would not necessarily label as fun.

I turned the upstairs conditioner off about 4 yesterday afternoon. Did not need it. This is the same unit that I had to replace with a new compressor a few days ago to the tune of just under $2,000.

As I climbed in bed, I heard drip, drip, drip. You guessed it! Whatever that thing is in the closet that operates the upstairs unit, it was leaking. I opened the closet door and was greeted with running water along a pipe and soaked carpeting beneath. I hurriedly got a pan and a couple of towels. And uttered a nasty word.

Fortunately, I have some one who takes care of such problems. I gave him a call. Got him out of bed. He was here in 15 minutes. A pipe was blocked. He showed me the gook. Got everything working properly. He has to return this morning to finish the job.

A good evening in spite of the air conditioning screw up. It is comparable to a heating unit breaking down up north when the temperature is 10 degrees. Plus, I was fearful of the water leaking through the floor into the downstairs ceiling.

This morning is Lori time. A haircut. Then at 1 my doctor.The internest. Jackie Lefferts. I think I am going to be in trouble with her.

To my artsy friend in Miami…..where are you hiding?

Enjoy your day, one and all!

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