A Key West icon has passed on.

Panamah Peat.

Yes, I spelled his name properly.The “h” at the end of Panama is correct.

I would like to say I knew him. I did not. However, we have traveled the same roads on occasion. Just at different times.

You have read and heard from me personally of the 1/4 inch holes drilled into the bar at the Chart Room. Each has a name plate above it. All but two, the ashes of the person whose name appears top side.

The men whose name plates appear upon the bar represent the original group who frequented the Chart Room in its early days and for a long period of time. As each died, a small portion of his ashes (there were no hers) were placed in the drilled hole and then sealed over.

I never met Panamah. I merely knew of him.

I already have received two e mails, one from Jean and the other from Sheila, plus a telephone call from Sean, advising me of Panamah’s passing. They each assumed I knew him because I frequent the Chart Room so much

I never knew him.

I wanted to know him. So I Googled Panamah Peat on the internet. Only one site appeared. This site. My Life in Key West. Dated July 25, 2009. Would you believe?

I wrote about Panamah regarding the holes in the bar at the Chart Room, explained I had never met him, that he was a maker of jewelry, and worked part time at the Mel Fisher Museum. His was one of the two unfilled holes.

The remaining empty hole at the Chart Room now will be Che’s. Like being the last survivor and eligible to open and drink the bottle.

If you wish to learn more of Panamah, I suggest you contact Jean, Sheila, Sean, Che or Marty.

Some one wrote me a lengthy message on Facebook earlier this week. Several lines. Appeared to be written in Spanish. I did not understand it all. Being polite, I wrote back….. “Thank you.”

The next day some one wrote and asked in English if I understood the message. I said, no…..just being polite.

This morning I had a message from the initial sender. In English this time. It came from a gentleman in Junia, Argentina. He operates a pizzeria. He sends a free pizza to some FB members on their birthday. The message was to that effect and where specifically did I want the pizza delivered. He finally picked up from the exchange with the intermediary, I was in Florida. He wrote back in English…..Sorry, no pizza…..too far.

Yesterday was a tough day! Worked hard all day on today’s Key West Lou Legal Hour Show. I had fallen behind. Had to do much research and writing to catch up.

I had dinner with Lisa and the family. Robert and Ally are getting big. It seems by the day!

Cameron is in Mongolia. He had not been heard from in a couple of days. The last time was a phone call from Soeul, Korea, on his way through. This time from an internet store. The message: I’m ok….. I’m in Mongolia.

No one will ever accuse Cameron of being verbose.

After dinner, I stopped at Don’s. Sort of quiet. I left and headed over to the Chart Room. It was me and Emily, the bartender. I spent a couple of hours chatting with her. A genuine person.

Have to leave to do my internet show. Talk with you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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