Yesterday’s internet show appears to have been an outstanding success! Assuming the post show comments are a valid indicator.

I was unable to do a show for three weeks.The jaw problem. Could not enunciate.

I was back at the mike yesterday. Loved it!

There was a deluge of e mails and calls following the show. More than I have ever experienced. Probably a welcome back thing. Perhaps a bit regarding the topics, also.

Four items hit the sensitive spots.

Debt and default appears to have been the hottest. People are pissed!

My message was clear. The immediate problem is jobs, jobs, jobs! It is the black cloud over our heads. The debt a major problem/contributing factor. However, not a today problem. Can be dealt with in due course.

Get our people back to work! Now! Like yesterday!

The major contributing factor to our economic problems are the idiots (not said with all due respect) representing us in Washington. From both sides of the aisle. Throw the bums out! They are bums when they do not perform their jobs properly. I suggested term limits as one solution. It was amazing how many agreed with me.

I spoke a bit about the decline of marriage and perhaps the decline of religion as a precipitating factor.

Finally, the Walmart class action denial by the U.S. Supreme Court. A 5-4 decision by the conservative court on the primary issue.

I continue to believe women are treated as second class citizens. Especially in the work place. The Walmart decision supports that thought.

After the show, I ran some errands. Hot! We are into humidity and pending rain. I say pending because the rain never comes. It has stormed big time in the southeast the past two days. But not in the lower keys. We are becoming a desert with no oasis in sight. We need rain!

Last night, a fun night. Jenna and me.

We drove up to Big Pine for dinner at No Name Pub. Robert is going to be upset with me when he discovers I had a Philly cheese steak sandwich with out him.

I enjoyed the meal and Jenna’s company. We even stapled a dollar bill to the ceiling!

Jenna drove on the way back. She was anxious to do so. Nothing like driving the keys on a summer evening in a convertible with the top down. To add to the pleasure, I had Sirius dialed in to Broadway tunes.

Some work is being done on the deck to my home overlooking the water. I took Jenna out to show her. It was a pleasant evening. We sat by the water. All of a sudden, it was bing, bang, boom! Someone was shooting off fireworks on the other side of the island. Relatively high. Good ones. So we stayed out a while and experienced a premature July 4th.

Jenna left. It was early. I did some research on the computer before going to bed.

Today is big!

Karen is having a pool party at her home on Big Coppit starting at 1:30. Karen of David and Karen.  Should be fun. Will be fun!

The pool party probably will be all I will be able to handle today. Fortunately, Big Coppit is only one island up from me. It is a short trip back home.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. 22 pints were collected.

    Re: "jobs"

    It's the money. When FDR took us off the gold standard and allowed the FED to "counterfeit" real money, the economy (i.e., the free market) has been and continues to be fooled by false signals. It's as if the FED seize the conning tower of the "invisible hand" and sending fake instructions. The "counterfeiting" allows the Congress and the President to spend as much as they think they can get away with without "bothering" the taxpayers. Inflation is the hidden tax devaluing every other dollar in circulation. Unfortunately, if we go back to Crusoe's island, (where economists demonstrate economic principles on a tiny scale), then we know that there is no savings and investment being made (i.e., postponed consumption) in the scale represented by the phoney money. China's financing our politicians' "Guns AND Butter" spending. Our politicians have destroyed the dollar and indebted future generation with obligations that can't be satisfied. Sorry but the promises will not be kept. And, the politicians, bureaucrats, and voters who permitted it will be dead and buried. Unlike the "Greatest Generation", which was part of the problem, the future generations will have some less nice names for us. Sigh! Argh! Sigh!

  2. "The major contributing factor to our economic problems are the idiots (not said with all due respect) representing us in Washington."

    I could not agree more Lou and I wonder if there is indeed national outrage at the total ineptness and greed that Washington, DC (all parties and creeds) have used to feather their own nests while blathering on and on about the "troops", the flag and family.

    If these fools really support the troops then bring them home now. Everyone, even a 5 year old in Kindergarten, knows both Iraq and Afghanistan are cesspools, will remain cesspools and will always be future cesspools. I am heart broken when I see the loss of life and limb and the burning of our tax money (whoops) I mean borrowed Chinese money, overseas on useless, endless undeclared wars (no one has the balls to declare a war these days it appears).

    My sole question is if there is any leadership, real leadership left anywhere in America? If not, we are really in for a long rough ride.

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