It’s a new life, it’s a good day for me!

I have a dentist appointment at 9:30. Stitches to be removed. Some other work done. I suspect I will be in better shape afterwards.

I better be! This has been my week from Hell!

Father’s Day was the same as all days this past week. I stayed home. All alone by the telephone. Watched the Open. Me and my blender.

Except for one bright spot. A Father’s Day visit by Lisa and family. They brought me flowers.There is a colorful spot in the kitchen where they sit.

They had just finished swimming at Fort Zach. Corey was excited. He described how Robert and Ally donned their snorkeling equipment and swam the length of the beach with him. Out in the deep part beyond the rocks.
About ten feet deep. Each time they saw something which attracted them, they snapped their bodies and went down to the ocean floor.

Corey was impressed. Robert and Ally have been snorkeling for at least three years.The past week at the Reef Relief summer camp had fine tuned them.

My fish!

The day finished on a high note. Marty telephoned me.

Marty lives in Hallandale. He was calling from a float in his brother’s pool in the East Hamptons. The far end of Long Island. With a martini in hand, off course. He and Donna vacationing.

Marty is well again. Obviously. Back into the martinis!

He will return to Key West later this week. I look forward to his visit.

That’s all folks! Time to get ready for the dentist. Hopefully my day, no, my life, will be better afterwards.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I think it would be great if you shaved your legs, put on a pair of stiletto's and called sunday night bingo at the 801.. No one can really replace RV at bingo ,but, I sure would start going there again.. I think it'd be a good time.. Patrick

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