Gorgeous outside. The weather continues to be perfect.

The MTV house across the water is yellow with pink trimming. Once the sun is up and running, it reflects brightly off the house. At the moment the sun is edging up. The yellow and pink are muted. So are the palm trees and water surrounding the house. A piece of beauty unto itself.

The weather by day continues around 90. By night, in the low 80s. Humidity by day getting heavy. Nights so so. Sometimes have to turn on the air conditioning in the middle of the night.

The evening weather is perfect convertible time. If I was getting out. Which I am not. I have been confined to home since Monday. Fun is becoming a distant thing in my memory!

I have a hair cut scheduled at 11:30. Need the hair cut. Plus, Lori will be away all of next week. Will I make it?

The swelling is down. Have a 2 inch x 1/4 inch dark purple stripe on my left jaw. Noticed last night my upper lip is totally dark purple. Like purple lipstick. Could not see it before because with no teeth there, the lip tends to cave in.

That is my problem. No teeth! How can I go out into the world toothless! Not me!

I am getting sick of lying in bed, watching TV and taking naps. I need to get out! Socialize! Talk with people!

Talking a problem. Hard to ennunciate and articulate.

I know. All this will soon pass. In the meantime, it is just me and my blender!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hang in their Lou, at least you have a gorgeous view. The fine weather will continue and the "top down" drives will await you. Perhaps add a wee bit of rum to the blender concoctions once in awhile to lighten the mood.

  2. PS: almost forgot. I live in DC and we are seeing the Follies Sunday! Will pay special attention to your Terri whom the Wash Post claims steals the show! She is well on her way back to the top. No more park benches in her future!

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