Good news and bad news.

The good news first.

Donna and Terri telephoned me around 4 yesterday afternoon. All excited. One talking, one yelling in the background. I had to tell them to slow down. Finally, shut up!

Their message: Terri and Follies are going to Broadway! Rehearsals start in threee weeks. The show opens on the golden way in July.

Terri broke a leg!

What a wonderful continuation of Terri’s story. Three years ago she slept on a park bench in New York City for 3 months. Homeless. Now back on Broadway bigger than ever!

God is good!

Now for the bad news.

The pain came back big time around noon yesterday. Back to the pills. I had a horrible tooth ache where I have not had a real tooth in 50 years and no where near where the dentist worked on Monday.

I slept, but woke frequnetly and abruptly. Crazy dreams. crazy pills.

My computer broke. I spent last night and up until now having it worked on. I don’t know what is worse. Sleeping alone or having your computer die on you!

I am bleeding sporadically also.

When will this all end? Probably sometime over the weekend. The dentist said it would take a week.

In the meantime, I am a recluse. Stay in. Do not go out. Reading a lot. Watching some TV. Researching for tomorrow’s internet show which I will not be doing. There will be a rerun, however.

Enjoy your day!

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