I am feeling better.

Yesterday, ok. So far this morning, good. Sleep still screwed up. Wake every hour. Must be the second pill I am taking. Still having crazy dreams.

My next dentist visit is Monday. I cannot wait. My jaw still swollen and bruised. I am talking strange. Enunciating poorly. Impossible to chew.

But…..I am getting there!

One positive is that I have lost five pounds in five days!

I miss going out and socializing. I enjoy people. Early next week should find me back into my normal life style.

Reef Relief. A local organization whose goal is to preserve and protect living coral reef and ecosystems.The reef as we know it is 10-12 miles off Key West. I have snorkeled at the reef. Magnificent! Colorful fish and underwater foliage. Some of the fish are big. Many the time my heart fluttered a bit!

Robert and Ally are doing a two week summer camp under the auspices of the Reef Relief organization.

Ally telephoned me yesterday to share her experience with me.

The group is for 6-12 year olds. They are boated out to the reef. Swim, dive and snorkel. All day long.

Robert and Ally already swim better than me and most adults. They have been snorkeling for three years. Such would be expected. Their father Corey is a professional diver.

What a way for my grandkids to live!

Stephanie Kaple is a dear Key West friend. As Jenna is.

Stephanie is crazy about shoes. High heeled ones. Stilettos.

Stephanie is known as the Island Shoe Girl. She does a weekly blog. www.theislandshoegirl.com. Starts the column with shoes and ends up solving some world problem. A deep person! I recommend her blog to you.

Stephanie also does a weekly internet show at KONK. My station, also.

Yesterday, Jenna guested on Stephanie’s show.

Jenna and I spoke last night. I asked if they talked about flip flops. Yesterday was National Flip Flop Day. No. Me thinks Stephanie was not even aware of the significance of yesterday.

Stephanie hates flip flops. Even crocs. She is always chastising me for wearing crocs.

I often wonder if she wants me to wear stilettos. Now, that would be a sight!

Stephanie also selects some person for the Stletto Award of the week. Generally has to do with shoes. Not yesterday. Jenna said I received the award. To compensate for my pain and suffering this past week

Thank you, Stephanie. But, I still will not wear stilettos! I do not shave my legs nor wear skirts. Doubt I would look good. People would start wondering! They would mentally think…..I always knew!

Stephanie also sponsors a Stiletto Contest at Vino’s once a month. Women parade and prance in high heels. I have agreed to judge this month’s contest. Should be fun. I had to promise to keep my eyes at ankle level and below.

Stiletto originally applied to knives. Dagger type. A slender point to permit the blade to quickly and deeply penetrate. A favorite of Italians. A modern day Mafia execution instrument.

The American switch blade is also considered a stiletto.

I recall many years ago reading a book involving a stiletto. It may have been a James Bond novel. Some one had to be killed. He was swimming at a Miami Beach hotel. The executioner dove in and swam under him. Took out his stiletto and in with one swift thrust took the guy out.

Today’s high heels are referred to as stilettos because of their length and thinness.

You can tell I feel better this morning. I am primarily talking about things other than my health.

Sitting around this past week, I did more reading than normal. I read a lot about Harry Truman. A most responsible and spectacular President

He called things as he saw them. He called a spade a spade. Without hesitancy.

I discovered an interesting Truman quote. Says it all about politicians. The quote applies especially to today’s politicians.

Harry Truman said:  “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference.”

Go Harry!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. to Call a spade a spade….definition…To speak plainly – to describe something as it really is.

    Let's not be so sensitive.

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