Good morning!

I slept last night. A biggie!

My post dental surgery problems are still with me. Though less. I am recovering.

Yesterday was spent home. Never left the house. The pain pill disoriented me. I felt lousy overall.

Kurt visited in the afternoon. He did not stay long. I have difficulty talking. Results in increased pain.

I stopped taking the pain pill at noon yesterday. It was too hallucegenic for me. WOW is the only way I can describe the freaky side show that was going on in my head. I even saw my mother walking around the house three times. She has been dead more than 20 years.

By dinner time last night, my head had cleared and I was pain free. Slept well during the night. I have some jaw pain this morning. Not going to take the pill if I can help it.

Bruising is develpong. A dark one about an inch long on  the left side of my jaw.

My blender and I slept together.

No golf for me.

I plan on staying in all day.

Don’t you. Go out and enjoy!

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