Nothing but since yesterday morning. Took longer for the pain pills (note the s on pill) to kick in.

Of the three major surgeries involved in the process, this was the worst. Without question. No comparison. Four hours post surgery, it was shoot me, take my head off, whatever.

I did not sleep one moment last night. Not much pain. Just could not sleep.
Whatever the drug I am on, it has some interesting side effects. I kept hearing house noises all night. The door bell ringing, the front door opening, some one walking around downstairs, people speaking, etc.


Anyhow…..I am happy to report I feel better this morning. Still taking the pain pills though. The pills have joined with the blender as my best friend couple.

The drive to the dentist yesterday morning was special. I took ocean route along the Atlantic. It was longer. Subconsciously, I probably wanted to be late. I hate dentists!

Sun shining. Top down on the new Volks beettle convertible. Car headed for the dentist’s office.

The vehicle is equipped with Sirius. My two previous Audis had Sirius also. But I never did whatever had to be done to make them operational. My new car benefactor delivered the vehicle ready to go. That included the Sirius hook up.

So far I have been listening to the following music: 40s, 50s, 60s, Sinatra and Broadway. Nothing could be finer…..

As I drove along with the sun in the sky and the ocean to my left, on came The Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha. Awe inspiring! Blew me out! As the song ended, I was ready, as Don Quixote had  been, to ascend the stairs… accept judgment.

I know. You think I am whacking out. I am. It has to be the pills!

Almost 24 hours later, I feel like I am still waiting to meet my Maker. This pain interlude must be my Purgatory.

Watched the Republican New Hampshire debate last night. It was sweet time. The candidates were goody two shoes to each other. They must have had emblazoned on the inside of their eye balls Reagan’s…..speak no evil of a fellow Republican.

Mitt Romney, Michele Bachman and Newt Gingrich did partularly well. Ron Paul, who I have admired for years, is starting to show his age. His thought content good as usual. His responses a bit off track at times. I understand. I am an oldie and suffer from whatever afflicts Paul.

I probably will write 2 or 3 legal blogs for Amazon Kindle today. The Key West Lou Law site. That is if the pills do not screw up my thought process. I will know within the first two or three paragraphs.

Tom and Nicky left a couple of days ago for their home on the Jersey shore. I miss them. Good people. What a life! What a country! Tom is a retired school administrator. Summers at the Jersy shore and winters in Key West. Nicky is retired from sonething also and makes and has made her contribution to the their life style. What Nicky did I cannot recall. The Ron Paul problem. Louis’ problem.

I miss Tino and Maria, also. They returned to Chicago for the summer. Good people.

The relationship Tino and I have is terrific. I consider him a friend. It was not always so.

I started playing bocce 5 years ago. Tino was team captain. Tino said we had to practice. Sundays at around noon. I said no. I explained I had not come to Key West to be serious about anything. Serious was behind me. Tino is a short guy. Some short men tend to be pompous. Tino was pompous. Retired lawyers can be pompous also.

Tino looked me in the eye and said if I did not practice on Sundays, I could not play. I said no problem. I quit.

Such was the Tino/Louis beginning. Our relationship sucked for a while thereafter. Then we became friends. True friends. I am happy to have  him  as a friend. I am sure his feelings toward me are the same. If not, I will hear from Tino sometime today. In his deep raspy voce, he will say…..LOUIS!

Enjoy your day! I know mine will be good. I am on those pills!

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