This is a day of days! One that will live in memory!

Ally graduates from kindergarten this morning!

I just spoke with her. She is all excited!

While walking the streets of Key West a few weeks ago, I saw a dress I thought might look pretty on Ally for graduation. I bought it. Cost me all of $10. It will probably fall apart after one wearing. But…..Ally was excited to receive it. Lisa was excited, also. A sun dress. All kinds of bright flowers on a white background.

Lisa told me Ally explained the importance of this morning to Corey last night. She insisted he dress for this morning! A pink shirt and tie. Long pants. And shave!

I am taking her and the family out to a late breakfast or early lunch after the ceremony.

Yesterday was spent researching and writing. Last night, I went out.

Dinner was at the bar at Outbacks. Then the movies. Hangover, Part II. Very funny. I recommend you see it. That is, if you are not one of the 137 million plus who already have.

It was late. Publix was still open. The cupboard was bare. I did a bit of late night shopping. Glad I did. I ran into Ava.

Ava was my nephew Jimmy’s first wife. They have been divorced for years. She and Jimmy have a daughter, Brianna. You will recall I mentioned her recently.

I was at Jennifer’s college graduation. Brianna was graduating, also. I did not recognize her. It was at least ten years since I saw either Brianna or her mother. I went up and said hello and congratulations after the ceremony.

Ava asked me last night for my phone number. She said Brianna wanted to talk with me, get to know me, etc. I was delighted! I wanted to get to know Brianna, also. I told Ava that. Louis and his grand neice will soon be chatting.

It was only 10 o’clock. Too early to go home. However, I had ice cream in the trunk.

I decided to go to the bar at the Marriott. It was on the way home and I assumed the ice cream would survive.The last time I was there was three years ago when it opened. A beautiful place. But dead!

Not last night. Jumping! Locals and tourists. I knew several people. Had a few drinks and an order of fried calamari.

Enough for this morning. I have to get ready for graduation. It will be cute. It will be fun. I am sure my eyes will water up a bit.

Enjoy your day!

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