It is close to 7:30 this morning.

I am sitting outside doing the blog. About 80 degrees. Does not feel it. A cool breeze blowing in off the ocean.

Yesterday was a relatively quiet Sunday. I did next to nothing.

Spent the day home reading, watching TV and sleeping. Lisa and the grandkids showed up at some point to swim. Robert and Ally woke me. I stayed in bed. They returned after their swim to say good bye.

The Chart Room was my first stop last night. Stayed a while.

Emily bartending. A charming personality.

Met a terrific couple from Brooklyn. Jayson Green and Emma Kaydar-Penner. I may not have spelled Emma’s last name correctly. It was that kind of evening.

Jayson is a comedian. A for real one. Earns his living as one. He can be found on the internet at His show is called Oh My Blog!

Emma is a fashion historian. I received a bit of an education last night.

A young lady appeared. Lovely. Mid 30s. Her name escapes me. An interesting person. Works in a major Tampa hospital as a charge nurse. She was gay. A bit reluctant to talk with me at first. I was anxious to share the Donna/Terri story with her. We finally got on the same wave length.

I had planned on grabbing a bite on the deck at the Pier House. But it was 8 o’clock and I wanted to watch the Miami/Dallas game at Don’s Place.

I caught the first half at Don’s Place. Chatted with Robert and Kurt. Robert had a pizza delivered. My dinner. Two slices.

A good game, good company and good food!

I left at half time. My plan was to watch the rest of the game from the comfort of my bed.

The bed was too comfortable! I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. I had to check the internet this morning to learn that Miami had won by two points.

It is impossible to accurately describe the beauty of what I see as I sit here. The colors alone are mind boggling. And it is all here every day for me to see.

God is good!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou –

    Congrats on the car. Anyone that knows you knows who you are and just SOME of what you've done for the people who have been blessed to know you. Nobody knows all of that you've done to further the lives of numerous people and NEVER asked for anything in return. Only you know all of it. I believe the car is a token and a signal. Both good.

    This blog is just a simple, innocent view of what many consider paradise, through the eyes of a MAN who created himself from scratch. Maybe the haters who post anonymously here know that all of the above is true and simply can't live with that truth, or themselves.

    Keep writing man.

  2. Missed reading about your Beetle-wish previously, but if you say it's so, it must be (have heard only the truth from KWL…). But I wish it was YELLOW… Do any of Lou's facebook friends/blog followers remember the Yellow Convertible challenge? This was "the thing" among junior high school girls in the early 50s… on Long Island…

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