It is the middle of the night. I woke and could not return to sleep.

Golf yesterday morning. Played so so. Don was the big winner. I  won $6.  Yankee Jack took a beating. Lost $22.

But… was fun. Even for Yankee.

It rained again yesterday. Off and on. Not while we were playing golf, however. It would not dare!

Yesterday made for two consecutive days of rain. We need it! Key West has had something less than three inches of rain since the first of the year. Yesterday’s Key West Citizen reported this is the worst dry spell since 1906/1907.

Afterr golf, I drove into town to buy Ally a birthday gift. A tiara to wear last night, some kid’s jewelry and a puzzle. Lisa prefers the grandkids not receive ostentatious gifts. Her call. She is the mother.

Good birthday dinner last night! Ally dictated the menu. Crab cake sandwiches, pizza, salad, watermelon and blue berries. The cake white with white frosting. Ally wanted white. Robert had had chocolate for his birthday last week.

Afterwards, I stopped over to Don’s Place for a drink. Don there. Had been there since golf finished. He was his own best customer. Kurt at Don’s, also.

One drink for me and then home to an early bed.

Bocce tonight.

A big match. We are playing Schoonfields.

Tonight’s play is important for two reasons. First, it is a money game. Schoonfields is one of the teams that we have a side bet with. Second, we need to win two matches tonight to lock in third place in the league standings. With only two weeks of play left, we just might end up in the top four which would mean we make the playoffs.  A big deal in itself. Our team has never made the playoffs.

Tomorrow, The Key West Lou Legal Hour! My internet show. 10 am. Watch, if you can.

A great show ready to go! Interesting topics! Like Donald and Sarah, Corsi and Trump, a too big to fail dissertation, Facebook lawsuits’ update, cities with the most billionaires, a couple celebrates their 75th wedding anniversary, an Arizona high school that charges students to graduate, why the homeless man in Key West recently dropped his pants near a school, Dutch government bans cannabis shops, Citizen United decision extended, Russia and gay rights, doctors’ and dentists’ new trick of the trade to be aware of and beware of, a comment on Nicholas Kristof’s recent NY Times column on raiding a brothel in India, OSHA rights for porn performers in California, feds targeting top health company execs for health care fraud, Egypt and virginity tests, fewer  than 50 % American households married, the Egyptian banker arrested for alleged attempted sex at the Hotel Pierre in NYC, and more.

A full plate. Interesting goodies. Join me.

Enjoy your day!

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