What a beautiful day! Fantastic weather!

We have had five consecutive months in Key West of this weather. I have been frequenting the keys for many years. I do not remember such a consistent period of such great weather. Warm by day. Cool by night.

The only nature problem is water. It has rained so little, water is becoming an acute problem. There is a desalizination process whereby sea water can be transformed into drinking water. Key West has such a process. It is in use. It contributes about ten per cent of our disposable water.

Key West days are generally all good. Yesterday was one of the best for me!

Golf in the morning!

I played with Kurt, Larry and Yankee Jack. I lost only $1. A very good day!

Kurt had major shoulder surgery several months ago. Yesterday was his first 18 holes in months. He shot an 87. Good! His score included four greens where he 3 putted.

Kurt was the big winner! $16.

Mikey played in the other foursome. I learned that Mikey and Marisa will be leaving Key West in about two weeks. For good. They are returning to their home area of Louisville. Both have families there. Mikey and Marisa are ready to start their own family. Mikey has a terrific job waiting for him. To do with body parts, real and artificial.

Don is sponsoring a scramble on Memorial Day for Mikey and Marisa. Afterwards, there will be an all day and all night party at Don’s Place for them.

I spent the afternoon resting.

My night started at the Chart Room. Emily bartending. She had just returned from a two week trip to the Northern Banks.

My compatriot from the night before, Sheila, was there. Plus David, Sean and Katherine.

Half Buck Freddies has a discount store on Caroline. It is where the old PT’s used to be. David has managed the discount facility for several years.

He told me the discount store will be no more as of August 1. Someone has bought the building and a restaurant is going to open.

Everything changes. Change is the only constant in life.

Dave already has another job. He is going to be at the County Courthouse. As a court stenographer. He apparently is replacing Marty who has retired from his Key West work.

Jenna arrived. She had been at a meeting and we had made plans to meet at the Chart Room. We chatted with David and Sheila a bit. Then Jenna and I headed over to the Hot Tin Roof. We sat at the bar, talked and ate some appetizers.

Then we split. Jenna went home. I went to Don’s place. I wanted to watch the second half of the Miami/Chicago game.

Don’s Place was packed. Really packed!

I visited with Rob. Watched the game with Boomer and Russ. My golfing buddy Angus was a few seats down at the bar. A good guy!

The sound portion of the game was off. Loud music was being piped in. A lot of dancing going on around the pool table. All of a sudden there were four lovely ladies on the bar dancing!

Young and beautiful! All in tight shorts. They must have done this bar dance routine before. They did it well. In unison. A chorus line.

At first, I was irritated. The game was tied at 73 all. Their butts were blocking the TV screen.

I soon mellowed and accepted what was. I could always catch the rest of the game on the reruns!

Bocce tonight! Love it! And the people who show up every thursday to play. A happy friendly cross section of Key West.

Tomorrow morning at 10 is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

So much to talk about! This past week has been exciting.

One issue I am going to get into is sex. The Arnold Schwartzenneger situation has permeated the media the last few days.

I am 75 years old. I have lived through much of the sexual cultural mores in the United States. I can recall the 1950s when females were reluctant to have sex outside of marriage for fear of pregnancy. Then came the birth control pill in the l960s. The sexual world changed! Many women discovered their sexual drives were comparable to mens’. They could enjoy without fear of pregnancy.

At the beginning of the post pill discovery era, married women were still less prone to have sex outside their marriage. Such has changed over the years. Statistics now show a growing trend in women of all ages who cheat outside marriage.

I am neither being moralistic nor judging. However, one thing has become clear to me over the years. Marital infidelity is a two way street. For every man who pulls his fly down, there is a woman who pulls her panties down!

I have two points. First, lets get off the man’s back. Women are playing big time, also. Second, the brief history I have set forth clearly shows a changing sex culture over the last 60 years. Understand that change and recall it before coming down on the man alone.

Excuse me for being Biblical, but let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone.

I will concede that there still remain those without sin. One stroke of the brush does not paint all persons.

Obviously going to be a good show tomorrow! http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

Enjoy your day!

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