Back in the early 1960s when I was a young lawyer in Utica, I met a young female reporter. Her name was Ann.

Ann remained in Utica for a short time. I never heard from her again till about 10 years ago. We ran into each other at some fund raiser at East Martello. She and her husband were living in Big Pine.

A small world!

Since then, Ann and I get together for lunch about two times a year. Yesterday was one of those times.

We met at Hogfish.

Ann’s life is full. She has recently been elected Vice Commodore of the Coast Guard Auxillary. Keeps her busy.

She mentioned that when the whale crisis occurred at Cudjoe Key, her group were there to help. You will recall that the grandkids and family and I tried to walk in off the road to see. We could not. The area was blocked off.

I spent the afternoon writing. Under the tiki hut. Wearing a bathing suit this time.

I had no plans last night.

My car found its way to Don’s Place. Rob was bartending. Only a few customers. Quiet. I did not stay long.

I then headed over to the Chart Room. Glad I did. Sheila was there. We spent a couple of hours talking and laughing. Sheila is good people!

Met Mary who was filling in as bartender.

Then it was back to Don’s Place. Packed this time. Chatted with Bebe.

I stopped at Publix on the way home. The best time to shop is before closing. No one there.

This morning golf! Love it! Something is wrong, however. I have reached that point in my life where it is more exciting than sex. Sex is becoming a memory.

Enjoy your day!

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