Key West days are consistent! Weatherwise! Outstanding!

Yesterday started with an early morning dentist visit. An easy one this time. No discomfort. Some stitches removed. The next visit in a couple of weeks will be a pain!

I had an interesting visit yesterday afternoon. I was sitting naked at the tiki hut writing when I heard the door bell. Visitors are few so dress is not a concern.

It was Skip. Who the hell is Skip I thought. He had his lady friend in the car. He seemed like he knew me. I invited them in. But said wait a minute till I get some clothes on!

Turns out I had met Skip. about two years ago. He is related to my next door neighbor who is never here.

Skip is Skip Carlson. Retired. Now living in Boyington Beach. The lady friend was Roz. Roz Kornblum. A wonderful woman! Enjoyed her tremendously.

Roz was married to a Florida Circuit Court Judge in Palm Beach County for years. Judge Allen Kornblum. He passed on. Now she and Skip are friends.

A lawyer’s wife is a lawyer also. She lives with her husband and his trials day in and day out for years. So the conversation Roz and I had was stimulating and refreshing.

Skip and Roz were here for a couple of hours. After leaving me, they were heading north back  to home in Boyington Beach. I am sure we will visit further when next they return. We hit it off.

Although my dentist visit was relatively pain free, I had some discomfort last night. So I stayed in.

I would like to do something different today. I do not know what.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, too much information. But if you really want to do something different today, answer the door in the nude!

  2. I about puked reading tiki and naked and Lou in the same ramblings from an old fart with no teeth! See ya on the flip side in paradise– the REAL thing !

    ALOHA from the beautiful islands – next stop Tahiti from our wonderful spot in HI.

    Hope you and Mt Trashmore are enjoying the latest Key West illness—DENGUE FEVER!!!!!!!

    P & J

  3. Jobs in Key West? Not for you unless you are a born here native Bubba Conch OR you want to work 3 jobs in the tourism industry here — wait staff or bartender or housekeeper or janitor.

    Your MBA means NOTHING here in Key West! Do you know how mamy PhDs work as bouncers and bartenders here? Or how many MBAs clean up slop because THERE ARE NO DECENT PAYiNG JOBS IN KEY WEST?!

    Stay where you are and don't be a fool as this town will eat you up and spit you out. I have seen it happen over and over again. You need a gpvt jpb and lpts of $$$ to live in the FL Keys and more so in Key West.

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