What a great morning!

I spent yesterday laying around outside. Spent some time in the pool, some time sunning myself and some time sitting under the tiki hut writing.

Lisa and Ally stopped over later in the afternoon to swim.

Robert’s birthday yesterday. Seven years old. We celebrated last night after dinner. Robert has been celebrating for two days. He had his kids’ party saturday morning. Went to a friend’s birthday party yesterday morning. Did his thing with the family last night.

The cake was chocolate! We were all happy! Robert would not let Ally help him blow out the candles. First time he has not shared the experience with her. Part of growing up?

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Chatted with Kurt and Russ. It was Kurt’s day off, but he still returned to the bar where he works to play. Russ had two weddings yesterday at the Reach. So he was a bit tired when he showed up.

Mikey came in. His night off from Schooners Wharf.

Amazing how everyone finds there way to Don’s Place!

I was home and in bed before nine.

This morning, the dentist again. It is back to my childhood for me. I am fearful of going to the dentist!

Enjoy your day!

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