Happy Sunday!

Another glorious Key West day!

Today is Robert’s birthday. He is 7 years old. Tall and thin. Handsome. Happy. He has Corey’s features and Lisa’s disposition.

I spent a lot of time yesterday shopping for his gifts. I ended up buying him many as opposed to one big gift. Toys and clothes. I am not sharing specifically what as Robert is computer savy. He occasionally reads this blog. I will share the nature of the gifts with you tomorrow.

I have a habit. It applied with all my grandchildren. Cannot just buy birthday gifts for the one who is celebrating. All must get a gift. Just a small something or other so they do not feel left out. So Ally will benefit also.

We do the birthday thing after Sunday dinner this evening. I hope the candles will sit on a chocolate cake.

I was going to stop at the Chart room and Don’s Place last night to visit with friends. I never made it. I stepped outside as the sun was setting. Beautiful! The weather was perfect. No breeze. No humidity. Not hot. Not cool. The water silent. Everything quiet. Nothing moving.

This was not to be missed. I ended up sitting outside alone with my thoughts for two hours.

And then to bed.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Louis –

    You gave your children and their children so, so much.

    Thank Heaven Lisa kept the most important gift. The others just thirst for more.

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