Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are the best! They are so deserving of a special day!

I wish my Mother was still here.

Lisa is now in business for herself. Social networking to assist businesses. It is called The Social Suite.

Lisa has written a blog on the site regarding what Mother’s Day means to her. It is touching. I recommend you read it. http://www.thesocialsuite.com/. Hit blog at the top of the page and it will come up.

Yesterday was relaxing and enjoyable.

I started with Tammy and a pedicure. Then to Lisa’s for a short visit.

Later in the afternoon I had just started to nap when Lisa and the grandkids showed up to swim. So much for napping.

Robert and Ally are terrific! A joy in my life!

I spent last evening with Jenna and her parents. The parents are in Key West visiting daughter Jenna. From Indiana. Typical Indiana people. Nice. I am of the opinion that everyone  from Indiana are good people. My son in law Corey is also from Indiana and typical Indiana ilk.

Jenna’s parents are Anne and Dave.

We met at the Chart Room. I wanted Jenna’s parents to see first hand the places I had exposed their daughter to. The Chart Room passed muster.

Michael was bartending. Sheila was there. Love Sheila! And Sean and Katherine. I was told Sean and Katherine won the Derby pool.

Met Debbie at the Chart Room last night. She is vacationing in Key West.

Debbie is from Budd or Mudd Lake, New Jersey. Hope I got it close to correct. It is some where near Morristown.

We chatted a bit about the Jersey shore beaches, Point Pleasant, etc.

 Debbie is a fan big time of Howard Livingston. She has all his CDs. Howard is playing a charity event this afternoon in Key West. She will be attending and hopes to meet Howard for the first time personally. I am sure she will.

I liked Debbie. She is an engaging person. I hope I run into her on her subsequent visits to Key West.

It was La Trattoria for dinner. Becha hosting. Received my hug and kiss. I think I frequent La Trattoria so much specifically for Becha’s hug and kiss rather than the food!

We had a table in the front window. The four of us enjoyed a slow paced dinner and spoke of many things.
I could see Jenna in her parents. She has the beauty of her mother Anne and the quiet confidence of her father Dave.

Dave is a sportsman. We spoke of college basketball. Interestingly, he is a Purdue supporter rather than an Indiana one. He also referees high school and small college basketball.

We spoke of golf. Dave is a golfer! Shots in the 80s. The next time they visit, we are going to play. I told him he has to give me 24 strokes, however.

We parted after dinner. I headed over to Don’s Place. Kurt was bartending. Met a former Don’s bartender Summer. A lovely. She and her boy friend Steve were visitng from north Florida.

The big issue yesterday was where to celebrate Mother’s Day today with Lisa. Lisa is child conscious every minute of every day. You are not going to believe this, but we are celebrating Mother’s Day with lunch at No Name Pub! Robert and Ally wanted to go there. Me, too. Corey was inclined, also. So no Name Pub it is!

Afterwards, we will continue north on US 1 to Bahia Honda State Park. Milemarker 37. Bahia Honda has some of the most beautiful beaches in the keys. And great clear water.

I look forward to a pleasant family day. Probably will stay in tonight. The sun at the beach will knock me out.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day! As Jimmy Durante would say regarding Mrs. Calabash…..Wherever you are!

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  1. Louis –

    We get to see first hand what a wonderful mother your daughter Lori is as well! She is child conscious too, babysitter scheduling and brat hand offs can be SOOO exhausting!

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