The weather outside is delightful!

Water appears as glass. No breeze.

Humid yesterday. Each day a bit more humid. It is 2-3 showers a day time in Key West!

Last night was one of the best! A happy occasion! Jen graduated from college.

Jen received her Associates Degree last night from the Florida Keys Community College. She was proud. We were all proud of her.

Jen is Keith’s girl friend. Keith is David’s son. I know them all through bocce and Don’s Place.

We partied afterward at Benihanna. The first time I have ever been in a  Benihanna. I enjoyed the atmosphere and food. Loved watching the chef cook at the table!

It was Jen, her Dad, David, Don, Rob, Bebe, Herschel, Erica and me. A good time was had by all!

Life is strange. I have a niece Brianna. I have not seen her in at least six years. I saw her last night. She graduated, also! I am ashamed to say I did not even know she was in college. The last I saw Brianna she was a young teenager. Now, a woman.

I sought her out after the ceremony. We hugged each other long. We were both glad to see each other.

Last night seeing Brianna may have brought some one back into my life. At the same time that God took some one away.

My cousin Rose died yesterday.

I wrote about her at length several months ago.

We grew up on Jay Street in Utica in a six family apartment building owned by our grandfather. Rose lived second floor front. I lived third floor front.

We played together every day.

Rose’s mother, my aunt Fannie, was in her 50s when Rose was born. The story goes that aunt Fannie was in the change and did not know she was pregnant till the time came for Rose to be  born. She thought she had put on weight.

Rose was an only child. Aunt Fannie always said Rose was a gift from God.

When cousin Rose was 14, she decided to enter the convent. You could do it back then. She became a nun. A black Franciscan. She comitted her life to helping the poor. A tough job! She lived in her latter years among the poor. She shared their lives on a very personal basis.

Rose was diagnosed with leukemia about six months ago. The worst type. She suffered greatly in her final months.

If any one had a direct ticket to Heaven, it is Rose. God had to be waiting at the pearly gates with outstretched arms to welcome her. I am sure her parents were waiting right behind Him.

Rest in peace, my cousin. God loves you. I love you.

Enjoy your day!

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