I had a terrific Mother’s Day!

Better stated, I enjoyed Lisa’s Mother’s Day.

The game plan was to lunch at No Name Pub and then swim at Bahia Honda. We did, with some interesting side excursions.

On the way up US 1, Corey suggested we stop at Cudjoe Key to see how the stranded whales were doing. We headed down Blimp Road. Drove as close to the ocean as we could. Then walked in towards the beach.

The road was blocked off about 150 feet from the beach. There was a barricade. We could go no further. It was explained to us that it was to protect the whales from human disease and so as not to interfere with the volunteers who were trying to help the whales.

Late thursday, 20 whales stranded themselves in the shallow gulf waters. As of yesterday, 7 had survived. Two were strong enough to be taken nine miles off shore and released. They’re still working on the remaining 5. One is reportedly in very bad shape.

There was a fury of activity at the barricade. Under a tent, about 20 wet suits were hanging. Volunteers were putting them on prior to going into the water. People of all ages. There was no laughter or kidding around. This was serious business.

Corey told me why the road was called Blimp Road.

There is always a huge white dirigible in the sky over Cudjoe Key. I thought it was a weather ballon. It is not. It is a radio transmitter. To Cuba. Something like Radio Free America. Been there for years. The Cuban government blocks its reception. Our government keeps sending, however.

Ergo, Blimp Road and the non weather ballon.

We finally arrived at No Name Pub. A very old small house in the woods. A brothel prior to and during World War II. Today, a world famous eating place.

The interior is covered with dollar bills. Ceiling and walls. Estimates run from $4,000 to $12,000 in $1 bills. People write their names and dates on the bills and staple them to the ceiling and walls.

I had the grandkids there a couple of weeks ago. They knew the modus operandi! We did the dollar bill thing again. Robert and Ally explained everything to their parents.

Lunch was outstanding! Robert, Ally and I shared a huge Philly cheese sandwich and cheese fries. Both to die for. My conservative daughter and her husband, a vegetarian pizza.

During lunch, I mentioned to Corey how strange it was that No Name Key had electric poles and wires. No Name Key is famous for no power.

Corey said that was not No Name Key we had passed through. It was part of Big Pine Key. No Name was further down the road past the Pub. He drove down the road after lunch so I could see the real No Name Key.

It was desolate. Weird. No telephone or power poles. Some homes with polar panels on the roof. The buildings distant from each other. Weather and time worn. A place for hardy people. I would not want to live there.

As we rode along to Bahia Honda, we spotted some deer. Robert and Ally were excited. I was, too.

We finally made it to Bahia Honda beach. A beautiful place. A long sprawling beach. Relatively calm water. Clear. You can see your feet. Many families. All celebrating Mother’s Day.

I greased up, took my sand chair, placed it in the water, and sat. I was looking for a full body tan. I started to burn. That was the end of the chair. I took myself out to where the water was shoulder high and stood there. Robert and Ally came out to play occasionally. They were snorkeling all around me. Corey and Lisa were standing in the water, also. Holding onto each other like two lovers. Which is what they are. Occasionally, Robert and Ally would shout that there parents were kissing again. Healthy!

Then it was a 35 mile ride home. The grandkids slept. I slept.

I stayed in the rest of the day. The sun had knocked me out.

Later this morning, I have another dentist visit. I am not looking forward to it. We are at another major step in the implant process. The dentist has to do some cutting on the top gums.

I am not a happy camper!

Enjoy your day!

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