Good morning!

Another good Key West day in the making!

My yesterday started with Jenna. A good way to start any day!

Jenna helps me with my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. She is my producer.

We worked a couple of hours in the early morning together.

Got a maincure later in the afternoon. Tammy lovely as usual. The place was busy.

Last night was big! Passover Seder. I am Catholic. I onl;y share my religion with you because earlier in the week I mentioned I would be doing Seder last night and suddenly everyone thought I was Jewish.

I’m not even circumcised!

I have been doing Seder with Donna and her family for several years. I am honored that they ask me to join them for their special Jewish holiday.

Donna has four children. All adut adults. Donna has a hard and fast rule. The family MUST come together for Passover Seder. In recent years, they travel from afar to celebrate as a family unit in Key West.

Scott is the oldest son. Lives in Cambridge. Married to Kathy. He has a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry. A smart guy! He is Chief Chemist for the drug company Merck.

Donna’s daughter Stacie lives in Key West. Married to Rob. They have five children. Stacie used to work full time. Now has no time. Too many kids. They range in age from 11 months to 13 years. She still gets a few hiours a week in as a bookkeeper at Salute’s. Rob is a school teacher.

Son Derek lives in Detroit with his love of 8 years, Sandhya. Derek is a rock and roll musician.

Sandhya is a strange name. Sandhya’s parents were well educated. Her mother has a Doctorate. Her parents owned and operated Waldorf Schools. Sort of like Montessori. A concept before its time. Her parents were also hippies. Ergo, the name Sandhya. It means the moment between twilight and dusk.

Brett is another of Donna’s sons. He is gay. Lives in New York City with his partner of many years, Tal.

Brett is a wrter. He published the Gay Uncle’s Guide to Parenting. He writes a column two times a week on the intenet for Vanity Fair. If I recall correctly, the columns are entitled “Stick Shift” and “Car and Driver.”

Brett is obviously into cars and knowledgable. Besides a salary, there is an additional benefit to the Vanity Fair columns. Where ever he goes, he is able to order any type high end car to drive. Free! It always awaits him at the airport. He flew to Miami and drove to Key West. The car: A brand new $210,000 Bentley coupe.

A job with benefits!

His partner Tal is a writer, also. He has been writing a book for two years which is under contract with Simon and Schuster for publication.

After family dinner and chatter, Donna and I headed home. She was beat! She had been at Stacie’s all day cooking brisket, turkey and what have you. I suggested we stop at Don’s Place for a drink. Which is what we did. Chatted a bit with Russ, Bebe and Rob. Mikey said hello. Met Pietra there for the second time. Hope I spelled her name correctly. A beautiful woman.

Saw Michelle on my way out. Told her show up for bocce this week. She missed last week.

I have a bit of a hangover this morning. It was the wine. I did it all at dinner last night. Sang, read, ate certain foods,  and leaned left and sipped wine at the appropriate times.

I do not like wine. I rarely drink it. I blame my sluggishness this morning on the wine.

Donna leaves at noon. I will drive her to the airport. Terri left early Sunday morning. Follies rehearsals.

Enjoy your day!

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