Back in the 1980s, Regine’s was the place to party in New York City.

A bar, a restaurant, a discotheque. Actually first a discotheque. The bar and restaurant were additional amenities.

Fun! No question about it! I was there every time I was in New York City. Every night.

The bartender and I became good friends. His name unfortunately escapes me. I felt like I owned Regine’s. It was mine!

Regine’s founder was Regine. She ultimately opened 25 clubs world wide. Besides New York,  there were Regine’s clubs in Paris, Monte Carlo, Rio, Saint Tropez, Cairo and London to name a few.

I never met Regine. While I was doing her New York club, she was doing her others world wide.

Regine is now 81. I know. Never mention a woman’s age. But, why not! She was and still is a success in many respects. Also, I am 75 soon to be 76. I am learning that age is just a number and one can still enjoy regardless of age.

Regine was born in Belgium of Polish-Jewish parents. World War II arrived. Regine spent those years hiding from the Nazis in occupied wartime France.

Regine is credited with inventing the modern day discotheque. That is what her 25 clubs were. She personally taught the twist and other disco dances to royalty and other celebrity types.

She had a hit record. To a terrific song. The French version of I Will Survive.

She has.

Why am I telling you all about this woman?


Regine has a roll in Follies which opens next month in Washington, DC. The same show my Terri is in.

Donna and Terri were with me this weekend in Key West. They mentioned a Regine in the show that was fun, had an accent and was an overall good person. They have become friends. Terri mentioned Regine had a club in New York City and others world wide. Immediately, I remembered the club in New York. Donna and Terri’s Regine is one and the same as my Regine’s.

A small world.

Enjoy your day!

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