Great bocce last night!

I am still on the team! I played well in the first game. From the very first shot!

We won 2 out of 3 games. Lost the last one.

This was the fourth week of the season. Each week we have won the first two games and lost the third. Badly each time. Has to be mental.

Anyhow, we are tied for second place. Not bad. We have never been that good.

After bocce, it was off to Don’s Place. Packed.

Tino and Maria had 2 female guests visiting from Chicago. I spoke to one of them for a while. Her name was Blanch. Pretty. Charming. She works for a bank.

This morning was the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Wild! Love doing the show!

Ally better. Went to school today.

Tonight? I haven’t decided yet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Couldn't catch program live today (April 8), but just watched March 25 archive. It's a great medium for you, Lou and I look forward to more! Don't have Kindle, so can't follow you there. Good luck!

  2. Next trip to Don's Place, belly up to the bar and tell Don I said HELLo! I am a former co-worker of his in the old newspaper days he came from!
    Greg Ludlow

  3. Lou, Thanks for the shout out on your blog.

    A special thank you to Tino & Maria for their amazing hospitality and showing us the "true" Key West. Enjoyed meeting all their friends. Had a great time at Bocce, Don's, No Name Pizza, Boondocks, Salute, and 4th of July. A big thank you to Steve & Midge for an awesome day in the Keys at Mudd Key for birdwatching and fishing in that gorgeous blue water…"blue, blue, sail on through". Even helped to catch a baracuda.

    You all know how to enjoy life, can't wait to come back. Will never do the touristy things again.

    Your friends in Chicago, BLANCA & MARY

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