The only way to describe this Key West morning!

During yesterday’s internet show, the Key West Lou Legal Hour, I commented on synthetic drugs. The reaction during the day and last night was overwhelming! I did not realize the popularity and interest in this new type fix. People were coming up to thank me for warning them of the dangers involved. They did not know. They thought synthetic drugs were harmless.

Synthetic drugs are phony drugs. Phony pot, phony cocaine. They are drugs that mimic real drugs. With one major difference. Synthetic drugs are supposed to be harmless. They are not!

Many users of this new fun high are ending up in the hospital. Not just sick. Very sick. Since January, 2,700 users have been hospitalized. Nine died.

Usage can result in extreme paranoia. Users report seeing monsters, demons and aliens. Many reported suicidal thoughts.

Synthetic drugs are generally sold in head shops. In the form of incense and bath salts.

Interestingly, it appears the users are adults and seniors citizens. I guess everyone is looking for a quick harmless fix, regardless of age.

Synthetic drugs are not the way to Nirvana. Beware!

I apologize for pontificating. But again the reaction was so overwhelming that I felt the issue deserved to be commented on herein.

Like that last word? “Herein.” I sound like a lawyer!

On the way into town last night, I stopped at Lisa’s. Wanted to see the grandkids. Ally up and running around. Like she had never been sick this past week. Robert wanting to know if we were going to lunch again this weekend. He is on the eternal quest for a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

I had dinner at the Southernmost’s Beach Cafe last night. A perfect setting. On the ocean.

There was a wedding going on on the beach. Reminded me of Lisa and Corey’s wedding. They were married on the same beach.

I returned to the Beach Cafe for dinner because of the mussels I had eaten there this past week. Excellent! I wanted more. I was not disappointed. They were just as good the second time.

I needed something extra.. Ordered a shrimp salad. Wow! What taste! Small shrimp sauteed in a soy sauce. To die for!

Although it is only an outside beach bar, the Beach Cafe serves outstanding food. Cheaply priced, also.

I recommend the Beach Cafe.

Enjoy your day!

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