The weather yesterday turned out to be spectacular. Today is, also.

We are lucky to live here in Key West.

Sunny and warm by day. With a touch of humidity. The evenings just right. Sleep with the windows open and a blanket over you.

No golf for me yesterday. I babysat. Poor Ally. She has a bug. We colored together a bit. She slept most of the time. Would not eat.

Lisa already telephoned me this morning. Be here at 9:30 to watch Ally.

Spent last night at Don’s Place. Most of our bocce team there. I am getting beat up. The cry is play better!

Tonight is bocce. If I don’t roll them well in the first game, it will be to the bench for me!

I enjoyed the evening. Don’s attracts the best people. Besides Don himself, David, Keith, Jen, Jeff, Erica, Herschel, Boomer, Skip, and others.

Tomorrow at 10 is the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Watch on the internet at or A terrific show awaits. Topics like the Barry Bonds trial, synthetic drugs, Glenn Beck, April 9th in history, the Florida court system in financial trouble, religious problems in Syria, the Wisconsin judicial election, the cruel decision in Connick v. Thompson, Prius,  Oregon conflict between medical marijuana and gun rights, Libya and US involvement, ban of baggy pants in schools, too many blacks in jail, Yale and sexual harassment, and more.

Join me!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou thinking About buying something out there but mortgaged up completely and I live in chicago I would love to buy something out there for retirement I am 43 so still early …. Any advice

    Chicago jim

  2. Stay in chicago as we in KW ain't hit bottom yet– lots of seedy greedy realtors still thinking $800 per sq.ft. is fair. And some say $900 per sq.ft. Insurance going up – windstorm is out to jump 235% with the latest Gov. Scott bill.

    Stay in chicago till reality and sanity return .

    Ask Lou how many days his own house on Key Haven has been on the market for sale — I believe it's been over 12 months now and possibly 14 months. And no interest.



  3. If you have all cash I may have a realtor for you—and liquidate one of my rental properties to boot!


    just let us and Lou know……..we may all profit. You, me and my better half aka local prominent real estate agent in town. Ah yes………


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