The glorious Key West weather departed us yesterday afternoon. It rained! Big time! Continued through the night.

I am up early. This is my golf day.The sun is still sleeping. Black outside. I cannot see the sky.

The weather report calls for rain all day. The weather report down here means nothing. Living on a small island, good and bad weather comes and goes quickly. As soon as the sun rises, Iwill be able to tell if we will be playing golf this morning.

My annual physical was yesterday. The one with the doctor. I got prodded all over.

I am basically ok. I have an xray and MRI to do Monday. Then I shall know better.

My doctor hit on me heavy regarding my lack of exercise. The gym and me came and went. She said walk. So starting tomorrow I plan on walking. Lets see if I can get into the habit.

I worked on Friday’s internet show the rest of the day.

Last night I decided to go out and try eating.Outback was my choice. The place was packed! Even the bar! A 40 minute wait. Too much for me.

I went to the Chinese restaurant instead. Figured egg foo yung would be chewable. It was not. I tried orange chicken. Wow! Perfect texture! It worked! I chewed! I enjoyed!

Lisa just telephoned. No golf for me, even if the weather permits. Ally is sick. I am babysitting.

Mothers are amazing! Robert was sick last week for two days. Lisa said Ally will get the same thing in one week. Next Wednesday she predicted. Today is Wednesday.

Today is Larry Harvey’s 90th birthday! A Key West icon. The most loved person in Key West. He will be  honored tonight at Aqua.Bobby Nesbitt singing, as usual. Howard Livingston is joining the festivities.

A big night for Mr. Harvey. He deserves it!

Enjoy your day!

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