A glorious Key West morning!

The only difference between yesterday and today at this time is that there are a few scattered white clouds above.

It is a good feeling getting out of bed and walking outside in the morning. A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world feeling!

Yesterday morning started with a walk. The Atlantic. Smathers Beach area.

I spent the rest of the day at home writing. Sat outside under the tiki hut and pecked away at the computer.

Last night was big!

Jenna and I were out together for a while.

We started at the Chart Room. A good bar. Sean and Katherine. Sheila. Michael bartending.

Then Jenna and I headed to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Sat at the bar. John was his usual gracious self. Chris and Aja showed up. The newly weds!

Women are strange. Really?

Jenna enjoys macoroni and cheese as prepared at the Hot Tin Roof. A gourmet eatry has it on its menu! So it was macaroni and cheese for Jenna!

What does Aja order? Macaroni and cheese!

I tried to eat. Struggled through a piece of snapper and mashed potatoes. Did ok.

While at the Chart Room and Hot tin Roof, Jenna and I are watched the Butler/VCU game. Good basketball! I was sorry to see VCU lose. But, someone has to.  Especially at this stage when the best of the best are playing.

After dinner, I dropped Jenna off. I headed over to Don’s Place. Watched the Connecticut/Kentucky game there.

The bar was packed. I enjoyed the company of one and all. Angus, Erica, Herschel, Boomer, Nicky and Toni amongst others. Most were pulling for Kentucky to win. Out of respect for Mikey.

Mikey is a die hard Kentucky fan. Even his golf bag has Kentucky on it. His father and uncle graduated from Kentucky. And best of all,  Mikey is in Houston this week with them for the Final Four! How exciting!

I told Mikey before he left that I would be pulling for Connecticut. Big East loyalty!

Robert is better. It is amazing how swiftly kids recover. He telephoned me this morning. He wants to go to lunch with me. Mr. Zs. Neither of us have ever been there. Whatever he wants, I want. Ally told me she does not want to go. She does not like Mr. Zs, although she has never been there either.

Kids will be kids!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I was really hoping for VCU to win on Butler too. Told everyone at the tip off that I was gonna cry either way the game ended. Too bad VCU just didn't have enough 3-pointers in them for Butler game. Boo Hoo

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