The consistency of Key West weather is amazing! Every day the same. The only difference between this morning and yesterday is that there is not one cloud in the sky. Pure blue!

I spent Sunday morning watching the talk shows. From the comfort of my bed, of course.

I had promised to take Robert to Mr. Zs for lunch. He wanted a cheesesteak sandwich. Ally finally changed her mind and decided to join us.

Lisa was upset with me. It was after one when I picked the grandkids up. They were hungry!

We went to Mr. Zs. None of us had ever been there before. It was not for us for lunch. We did not stay.

Mr. Zs is a pizza place primarily. Hot. Warm inside. The door was open.The air must have broken down. Only two tables. I could see we would not be comfortable. I am told the pizza is terrific. I shall do a home delivery some day.

We went next door to the bagel place. Air conditioned. Good food. No cheesesteak sandwiches, of course. The place was packed. People sitting around forever after lunch. We waited 15 minutes and still had no table. We left.

By now Robert and Ally were starving. We’re hungry, Poppa!

I solved the problem. Took them to the Pier House. We sat outside on the deck by the water. The grandkids had never been to the Pier House. They were intrigued by the internal walkways. Ally said people must get lost here. Robert thought the outside walkway to the ocean was a forest. Ally was thrilled by the flowers growing along side the walk. All kinds of colors.

We had a good lunch! Cheeseburgers and fries all around. And diet soda.

We sat a long time and talked. About nothing and everything. Boring they are not!

As I was driving out of the Pier House parking lot, Michael, my bartender friend from the Chart Room, was driving in on his scooter. I looked at my watch. It was close to 4 o’clock. The time Michael starts work. It had been a long afternoon!

I spent the rest of my day writing and day dreaming.

Enjoy your today!

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