Another lovely day!

What a winter!


This morning, not even a cloud in the sky. Just bright sun. A slight breeze.

Yesterday’s internet show went well. Again, it was the Campbell Soup lawsuit that got the most reaction. Campbell Soup is an American icon. How dare anyone sue the company!

I stopped afterwards to visit Robert. Sick. Poor kid. He was better last night, fortunately. I spoke with him on the telephone. He had the old bounce in  his voice. He wanted to know what he and I were going to do today.

I spent the balance of the afternoon and evening writing.

Larry Smith says I have become an artist. He considers writing an art. He is correct. Though I am not sure the artist label fits me.

Larry says the Key West atmosphere contributes to it. People settle here and develop another talent.

Great basketball today! I make no predictions. Syracuse is long gone. I am just going kick back and enjoy the games.

At some point, Jenna and I will be having dinner together.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I would point out that winter IS officially over and it is spring. Though in the NE one would hardly know it.

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