Late again. Sorry. Should be the last time. Till the next time. No. I have my computert back.

Amazing how difficult it is to function without one’s compurter!

Yesterday was a day of days! I babysat from 9 in the moring till 3 in the afternoon!

We had fun!

First, I took Robert and Ally with me to Lori’s. I had a haircut appointment. I have no hair so it only took five minutes. They were good.

Then we drove up to Big Pine. Miniature golf at Boondocks.

I didn’t play. I watch them. Keep them from each other’s throats. They are very competitive. Robert beat Ally by 2 holes. Ally was not a happy camper. She does not take losing well.

I drove to No Name Pub for lunch. They were excited. Especially when they saw the signs for the name of the town and the name of the restaurant. I think they did not believe something without a name could be called No Name.

They had never been to No Name Pub before. An experience.

A small dark building inside. Old furniture. Dollar bills hanging from the ceiling and walls. It has been estimated there are in excess of $4,000 in $1 bills hanging.

I told the waitress we wanted to hang a dollar. She brought us the colored marking pens and staple gun. We each wrote our name on the bill in a different color. I then dated it. We picked out a spot on the wall. Stapled it in!

Robert and Ally were proud! This was a big deal to them! They kept saying that they want to return with their parents and older brother Cameron. To show them the dollar bill!

Ally has a sharp mind. She commented that when I was not here any longer (meaning dead) and she was big, she could come back, see the dollar bill with our names on it and remember me.

They both thought the pizza was the best ever! Certainly better than Dominos.

They both chattered constantly as we ate. The whole pizza!

On the 30 mile trip back home, they both slept. We stopped to pick up Lisa at work on the way in. She is still incapacitated.

Jenna screwed up the rest of my day. I needed Jenna to help me fine tune today’s show. She telephoned and said she could not make it till later. Much later. Which meant I could not make bocce. Our first match of the season and I would be absent!

I called Don and told him. The team we were to play last night is very good. We expected them to win all three games. I spoke with Don this morning. We won 2 out of 3. I told him it was good I could not make it. We probably would have lost all three games!

This morning was the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Broadcast world wide on the internet.

I did it without Jenna. She originally was going to guest appear. We had no time last night to properly prepare, however.

A good show! How could it miss! Look at the great topics out there. I spent time on Wisconsin. A lot of Japan. Threw in a little pedophilia. Followed by a pervert taking secret pictures of nude women and girls in a tanning salon. He was in the ceiling taking the pics through holes in the ceiling blocks. To make his sin even worse, he posted the pictures on various web sites. Talked a bit about the Civil War and compared the North and South thinking then to now.

It was like an ice cream cone covered with chocolate syrup and sprinkles!

Then to the dentist. My jaw on one side has been killing me. I thought I might have a bone infection. Fortunately not. X-rays showed no infection. The new teeth were not setting right. I hope the problem is corrected. I am sore right now from the jabbing. Tomorrow morning I should know.

I have to hustle. Pick up Lisa from work. Then the grandkids. They are having a play day with some friends at the friends’ home.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Our first game in March Madness play.

Hope your day thus far has been enjoyable and the evening likewise!

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  1. hey Lou, just wanted to let you know that a judge in Dane county put a restaining order on the so called kill the union bill. I guess a republican judge came into her courtroom and told her not to do it. She threw him out. Now the rough part will be to prove they did it illegally. Just wanted to share this firsthand with you. Have a great day, Brent

  2. No teeth for 4-5 months? You SHOULD have taken better care of your natural teeth when young as you are paying $$$$ for your choice.

    I bet you are a sight – toothless old fart gumming his food thru a straw!!!

    Did you ever here about a toothbrush in your early life? Toothpaste? Dental floss? A dentist?

    For a man who thinks he is so smart, you are one dumb bunny!

    But you give us all a good belly laugh! We do love to point & laugh!!!!!!!

    P & J

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