Late again today!

I overslept. It will take me about a week to get adjusted to the new time. I overslept and had to run. Or I would have missed my tee time at the golf course!

Golf went well this morning. I played with a pleasant bunch. Don, Tom, Mikey and Tino.

For the second consecutive week, I sucked! Terrible! Though I did play better on the back nine.

Tom was the big winner. I was not the big loser. The different games we play make it possible for me to shoot poorly and still come out ok. Today, I only lost $3. A win as far as I am concerned!

After golf, I had to hurry and pick up Lisa from work. She has a broken ankle and cannot drive.

I look forward to tonight. Dinner at the Yacht club with Don, Tom and Kurt. Then to the Larry and Jenna Show at Hogs Breath.

It will be a good evening.


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