Good morning!

Another lovely Key West day in the making.

Yesterday was relatively quiet. I spent the day sitting outside under the tiki hut and writing. Did prep work for friday’s internet show and worked on my novel. Both have become exercises of love.

The subject matter of the novel I am keeping to myself for the time being.

Friday’s show is another story. That I share with you.

I am doing the Key West Lou Legal Hour this week with Jenna Stauffer. Jenna is my producer. She has previously worked as a TV sports announcer. We are going to discuss some issues that have developed this week. Should be fun!

So far the topics include Nathan Bedford Forrest who was the first Imperial Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, Melly Meadows of Gone With The Wind fame which includes a Japaneese tie in, an update on Private Bradley Manning including the resignation of Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, the tale of the man who shot the first bullet at Fort Sumter and the last one in his head, Indian airline pilots boozing it up, children under curfew in a Ukranian community, Wisconsin and recall, the nuclear disaster in Japan, James Madison who showed us the way to public scrutiny, the high cost of gasoline and food, and more.

Join Jenna and me friday morning at 10. or

Today I was up early. I have already been to Verizon, the Dollar Store and Office Max.

Probably more writing today. Might go out tonight. Don’s wife Stephanie is up north visiting for the week. I will probably hook up with him.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. tell lisa god speed on her foot. glad to hear your mouth is doing better. sunny and 71 in columbia,sc …………BYRDMAN

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