No blog yesterday. Sorry. My day got screwed up and I did not get my computer back till last night.

This morning when I went to do today’s blog, the computer was not working again.

I am at Lisa’s once more.

Sunday was wild!

I was lying in bed enjoying Meet the Press when the telephone rang. It was Lisa. She had fallen. Thought her ankle was broke.

On the way to the hospital, Lisa and Corey dropped Robert and Ally off at my home.

The fun began! We had a good time!

For about 5 hours.

We talked. They are very articulate. We played hide go seek upstairs. First time upstairs. They found me all the time. Twice I could not find Ally.

They were hungry. Lunch time.

I have not been eating normally. Not chewing yet.

Also, my choice of food is not the same they get at home.

I had to convince them my meal would be ok. Then I had them help me prepare and cook.

Egg whites. They had never had them. Where was the yellow? I tossed in some corned beef, cheese and mushrooms. They did not recall ever eating mushrooms.

I made it all into an omelet. They enjoyed. Especially the mushrooms.

I had not eaten yet. Remember, I cannot chew. Need blended food.

So I introduced Robert and Ally to the blender. Low carb ice cream, strawberries, jam and no sugar chocolate syrup.

They thought the blender made a lot of noise. The shake was absolutely terrific from their perspectives!

Poppa was a hero!

Lisa telephoned. They were coming to pick up the kids. Her ankle was broken.

Lisa arrived in a large black boot.

My babysitting job was done.

Last night, I did make it to the Gardens. A good crowd. No Kate or Diane. But June and Bill, Mary Joe, Jane, Nancy Robinson and other friends were there. Poor Nancy. She is in her 80s and a most charming woman. Her face and knee were badly bruuised. She looked like someone had beaten her. No, she fell. I admmire Nancy. She did not care she was purple all over. She still went out.

The best at the Gardens were Brent and Cindy. I met them at the Gardens by prearrangement. Cindy is my Facebook friend from Madison, Wisconsin. She and her family were visiting Key West for the week. Cindy is a part time hair dresser. Brent a deputy sheriff. Their one child is 24. They have two grandchildren, both under the age of 2.

Love Cindy! We have been FB friends for about a year. We had a wonderful time together.

The issue of Wisconsin politics came into play. Brent is directly affected. He is a member of a public union as a deputy sheriff.

Both Brent and Cindy are upset with Governor Walker. They feel had. He never campaigned on the agenda he has delivered.

There will be court action. However, recall seems to be the serious bent of the Wisconsin people affected. Brent told me 8 Republican Senators would be put to a recall vote. The petitions are presently being circulated. He also said they would attempt to recall Walker. Wisconsin law provides no recall of a Governor till he has been in office at least 90 days.

Amazing the destruction Walker has wrought in less than 90 days!

Then I was off to Don’s Place. Spent a pleasant couple of hours there.

Talked initially with Joanie. Joanie paints homes and buildings for a living together with her partner Jimmy. Joanie plays bocce. A fun person. A lovely lady. We like each other.

Angus, Mikey, Emmett and Don were there also. Talked with them all. Spent a lot of time chatting with Don. Bocce a big item. Tino showed up for few moments. He was out walking his dog.

I was right regarding Syracuse in the big tournament. I thought they would be a 3 or 4 seed. Many disagreed with me. They saw them as a 5 or 6. Turns out Syracuse is the #3 seed in the East.

The East is a tough bracket. Ohio State is seeded #1, North Carolina #2. Syracuse has its work cut out making it to the Final Four.

Lisa made it to work today. I have to bring her her lunch. It was her right ankle she broke. She cannot drive.


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  1. Louis,

    I broke my right ankle several years ago and I drove just fine. Just tuck the boot back against the seat and use the left foot for the pedals. Once she gets used to it she will be fine. Less of course she has a manual shift.

    Three words regarding the computer problems…..BUY AN APPLE. You will be in heaven and wonder where your Apple has been all your digital life. Their company motto should be IT JUST WORKS. Right out of the box.

    I was a Microsoft snob for decades (mid-80s), thinking Apples would never make it in the computer world. I would not have another Microsoft computer now.

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