Another good day in Key West!

I am at Lisa’s.

The biggest thing I can talk about today is my granddaughter Ally. Five years old. In kindergarten.

She knows how to tie her shoe laces! She could not wait to tell me and show me.

I started teaching her a couple of weeks ago. Shoe lace tying is tough!

I got her three quarters of the way there. The final step was difficult for her. So I stopped teaching. I figured she could use a rest.

Yesterday all alone she figured it out for herself! A genius! I am proud of her!

Her brother Robert is a year older than Ally. He does not know how to tie shoe laces. The reason why is that he never had shoes with laces. This morning Corey and Lisa bought him new shoes that have shoe laces. Ally is going to teach him. He will be adept at it by tomorrow morning!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday was again well received. Wisconsin, the Muslim radicalization hearings and Donald Trump’s possible run for President garnered the most comment.

Jenna has been helping me with the show. She is my producer. Next week we are going to try something different. Jenna and I are going to do the show together. Could be good, could be bad. We shall see.

Prior to coming to Key West, Jenna was a sports announcer at a television station up north.

After yesterday’s show, I headed over to Lee Nails. Time for a manicure. Tammy was her usual pleasant self.

The place was packed. Many waiting to be serviced. Tammy was short staffed. Three of her employees had called in sick. Fortunately, I had an appointment and did not have to wait.

Last night started with the Chart Room.

Michael bartending.

Captain Peter there. I have not seen the Captain in a couple of months. He told me he had just returned to Key West yesterday.

The Captain had traveled a bit. He went to Nicaragua to visit his former wife. He followed that trip with one to the State of Washington. There was some kind of mussel, clam, lobster festival. He had gone many years ago and wanted to do it again. Michael and I thought he was crazy. We have similar festivals in Key West frequently. In fact, there is one today.

The Captain’s trip back from Washington took 4 days. By plane.

The first leg of the trip was out of Seattle. The plane sat on the runway for a while and then returned to the gate. Some problem. Could not take off. He was put up overnight by the airline.

His next stop was Chicago. Weather problems. Could not take off. They put him up in Chicago for the night.

Somehow he ended up in Dallas the next day. Could not get out of Dallas. The airline put him up overnight again.

The next day he was in Miami. No crew available for the flight to Key West. The airline put him up for a fourth night.

Needless to say, the Captain was not a happy camper when we met up last night.

Michael had an interesting story.

His lap top was stolen. He telephoned the Key West Police. An officer came to his home on. Took the theft report. Then he told Michael to put his arms behind his back. He was being arrested. The officer’s computer showed an outstanding arrest warrant going back to 2004.

When he was booked, Michael found out the arrest warrant was for failing to appear on a traffic ticket charge. Turns out Michael had lost his driver’s license around the time the ticket was given. Obviously someone else had used his license when stopped on the traffic charge. It also turned out that Michael was out of the country at the time.

All this took a few days to prove. Michael was in jail from a tuesday to monday. Bail was set at $1,500. He did not have it. He could not get a bail bondsman. His cell phone was at home with everyone’s numbers.

I told him if he had called me, I would have bailed him out.

He obviously was not thinking straight while incarcerated.

The judge let him go monday with the court’s apology.

Michael gave me permission to tell of his experience. As he said, every one already knows I was arrested. In Key West, any person arrested is photographed. Their picture is carried on a web site immediately. Most Key Westers make a point of checking the pics every day to see if any one they know has been arrested. I do not.

After the Chart Room, I headed to the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse and Connecticut. Syracuse lost. A close game. Both teams played terrific defensive basketball in the first half.

No more Syracuse basketball till next week. I anticipate Syracuse will be a number 3 or 4 seed in the big tournament.

Following the game, I went to Don’s Place. Hooked up with Beebe and Rob. Enjoyed their company for a couple of hours.

Today? I don’t know yet what I will be doing.

Enjoy your day!

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