Good morning!

Another lovely Key West day. With one addition. It is humid.

Syracuse plays its first game in the Big East Tournament today. 2 pm. Madison Square Garden. Against St. John. It will be a heck of a game!

Tonight bocce! The opening match of a new season. I am excited. Everyone who plays is excited. Hope we do better this season than last. We did some trading. We have two new players.

Tomorrow morning is the Key West Lou Legal Hour. My friends around the world can tune into the show on the internet. Konk has two internet sites. and Ten tomorrow morning Eastern Standard Time.

Every week is more controversial and challenging than the previous one. Ergo, I have much to talk about. Tomorrow’s highlights include Supreme Court Justice Thomas and his tax returns, black eyed peas, women demonstrating in the Ivory Coast killed/one beheaded, Congressman Kelley’s Muslim radicalization hearings, Wisconsin, Wikileaks suspect forced to sleep nude, 17th century letters of a woman accused of sleeping with the devil, Anna Chapman and crime pays, Philadelphia Archdiocese suspends 21 priests named in child molestation investigation, Egyptian men attack female protestors, Court supports Exxon on Alaska’s request for extra funds for Valdez spill cleanup, CIGNA, Florida and smoking lawsuits, Acevedo appeal denied, California woman slips on a banana peel, UFOs, and more.

A good show! Stimulating and thought provoking! Please share the hour with me.

Enjoy your day!

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