It is after 2 in the afternoon. Seems strange to be doing the blog so late. I just finished golf and am at Lisa’s.

Key West weather today outstanding! As usual. Sunny. Few clouds. A good breeze. No humidity. Mid 80s.

After finishing yesterday’s blog, I went over to the bocce courts. Someone gave me a set of bocce balls for Christmas. I wanted to see the new courts. And practice a bit for thursday’s opening matches.

The new bocce courts are magnificent! Four feet longer. Which means four feet harder. Side walls that have a bounce to them. Concrete surrounding the courts.

Thank you City of Key West!

The only problem was the clay. It is new and not yet settled. Could take a couple of months. Made the ball direction uncertain with almost every throw.

It will be an interesting evening tomorrow!

I was dripping wet after bocce practice. The sun was boiling and there was no shade. I headed over to Smathers Beach to cool off.

Glad I went!

The college kids are in town. This is their time. The young ladies are lovely. Actually it is their bathing suits that make them so lovely. Most bottoms were minimal. Made for interesting gazing. I was glad I was wearing dark sun glasses.

A dirty old man I am not. Or maybe I am. I do not know. What I do know is that at 75 I am glad I still find the female body interesting.

Later when I returned home, I sat on my deck awhile. More college students on break.

The MTV house across the way must be rented to college students. Droves of them. Plus boats were going back and forth in front of me. All jam packed, perhaps overloaded, with college people.

And in each instance, most of the young ladies were attired as they were at Smathers Beach.

Interestingly, back in the 1950s when I was in college, I never experienced a break trip south. Who had the money? Very few made such trips back then. In addition, female bathing suits were not as now. Most young ladies wore one piece suits. If it was a two piece, it was a full bottom. Not the string jobs of today.

Golf this morning!

I played terrible! Worse than terrible! Even whiffed twice! Shot 125.

I played with Don, Larry and Leo. We picked Leo up at he pro shop. He is down here on vacation with his wife Peggy. They are from Lexington, Massachusetts. Mature people. Leo is a retired school teacher. Peggy teaches pre-school.

Peggy did not play. She rode around with her husband.

Don and I rode together. We noticed how attentive Peggy was to Leo. Always touching him. Her arm around his shoulder. Sitting close to him in the cart.

Don and I concluded this had to be a second marriage for the both of them. Based on our belief that as a couple ages, the indicias of warmth are fewer and sometimes never more.

I asked Peggy at one point how long they were married. Forty nine years she responded! I was shocked. Don was shocked. I told Leo and Peggy why I asked. They both laughed. God bless them! I am thrilled that they have such a relationship in their senior years. I wish I had been that lucky.

Getting back to the golf play, no question I played bad. However I did not have to pay any money. Every one decided to call it a draw. I think every one felt bad for me. I would have had to find an ATM machine to meet my golf debt.

Tonight I go out! Definitely!

Don’s Place, the Chart Room and then Hogsbreath to see the Larry and Jenna Show.

My Facebook friend Cindy is in Key West with her family. She telephoned me yesterday to tell me they had arrived. They are from Michigan and had driven down. I hope to hook up with them at some point. Perhaps tonight.

Kurt is supposed to be with me tonight. However reports have it that he did the town last night. I am not sure what condition he will be in this evening.

While my computer is being rehabed, I am at Lisa’s using her computer and Corey’s. I did yesterday’s blog on Corey’s computer. Of course, I screwed up. The copy of the blog that I attach to Facebook was improperly sent by me on Corey’s Facebook site. So some of you never received it. Sorry.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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